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Child Protection Organizations

R2.7 million from Enjoy Life app media support

Media is highly expensive for companies. Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) or better known as “Push notification technology” that we use in the Enjoy Life app to support companies, enables us to offer better media support, at a lower cost structure. Media is important for companies and it will be foolish for companies to stop with marketing, especially when the economy is under distress.

The Homecare team negotiates with numerous companies to support the Foundation. We ask business owners to donate 30% of the amount we saved in marketing costs.

There are companies that spend more than R5 000 per month on printed media advertisements. They print inserts that is inserted into their local weekly newspapers. The Foundation will over time help these companies to reduce at least 50% on printed media spending. (They might eventually stop these costs in total) The Enjoy life app will “push” advertisements on residents’ phones and the advertisements will also reach people who entered the business’s catchment area. Tourists or people from other cities do not always pick up local newspapers. They therefore are not aware about promotions from local businesses. It will also be possible to reach people with more "up to date" information on specials. Printed media is slow in this regard. It will take the project a few months, but eventually the business owner will be able to at least half his/her printed media costs. We will within months drop their other media costs such as SMS costs as well.

We hope to support at least 1 500 larger businesses with such huge cost savings. The Foundation will also support smaller businesses for example the Video shop that rent out movies. There are smaller businesses that can hardly afford media costs at the moment. We expect to receive on average R350 donation per month from small companies.

We forecast to work with 4 500 companies nationally. Companies in small towns might donate R100 per month towards children and bedridden patients. We provide free media and ask for donations in return. Business owners will help, as they know we help people in their communities. (The community might support them for looking after vulnerable people)

Our plan to develop media software has three important benefits:

  1. One is to help companies save money.

  2. It helps companies that cannot afford media, to use it in order to increase business. An example would be a Video shop can in future message residents in their catchment area of new movie releases which might increase rentals of new releases. The video shop can also reach tourists and South Africans from other towns who are on holiday in the area…

  3. The most important benefit is that we can convey to South Africans and to foreigners the actual shortcomings that caretakers have on their budgets to support bedridden patients. We can also explain how Child Welfare branches are funded to provide important protection services to abused children. This is truly important. The reporting even includes how many people did not receive our financial support for a specific month due to the fact that we could not verify that these patients were still alive.

    Our commitment towards caretakers is simple. We distribute the available funds proportional to shortfalls on their budgets if we were able to confirm that the patient is alive. There are procedures in place to monitor this. We manage funds we raised from companies in the private sector as well as donations from the public. Caretakers know that they can only rely on whatever donations we were able to raise. (Remember that we will only pay out a portion of the funds we raised towards caretakers. We split fees with Child Welfare partners.) We are confident that exceptional reporting systems will encourage the public to support on a larger scale. We also know that reporting back to businesses we work with will also help to increase support.


Free media support:

We also update readers about our action plan to support a large number of companies with free media support. These companies are accommodation companies and companies that offer services to tourists.

We know that a large number of these companies will eventually also donate to help patients. They are our clients and we do provide free support. They however save money and they will receive our monthly progress reports, explaining the financial need of people within their communities.

We want to point out our action plan to support accommodation companies with the Enjoy Life app. We believe it is an important service to offer accommodation opportunities to tourists and then also to South Africans who go on holiday or who might need accommodation for business trips. It is a service that will increase the value of the Enjoy Life app.

These companies will eventually make larger profits when they use the Enjoy Life app. We will provide them clients for whom they do not need to pay Booking fee commissions. (There are booking agencies that charge accommodation companies up to 17% booking fees.)

We have an implementation plan that we negotiate with accommodation companies. This implementation plan will also help the Fast-food and other businesses. (Remember that we do a lot to ensure that people download the app for free). The TOTAL cost savings that the Accommodation companies will receive will be implemented over a two-year period.

The following example explains:

Accommodation company offers a room at R1 350 per night. This is the asking price that booking agencies advertise. There are numerous booking agencies and they all ask different rates, but the average is 15% per client.

When a client book via, the accommodation company will receive R1 350 minus R202.50 (15% booking commission)

=  R1 147.50 

Our strategy is to use the Enjoy life app with a media campaign. When you book via the Enjoy Life app, you will receive 10% discount from all the companies listed on the Enjoy Life app. The asking price is R1 350. Client pay at accommodation company R1 215 and save R135 per night. The accommodation company will immediately also receive more money per booking (between 5% and 7%).

We will a year later offer 5% discount on all bookings and eventually not offer discounts at all. This will help accommodation companies during the tough period in our economy and they will eventually make larger profits.

We know that none of the existing booking agencies will be able to offer similar deals. Remember that accommodation companies needed to increase their asking rates to accommodate booking agencies. There is no booking agency that can function without booking fee commissions. They will also not be able to force the entire accommodation industry down in their asking prices so that they can advertise a 10% discount on all bookings made via their booking platform.

We view accommodation companies as business partners and we develop functions that only phone app technology can do, to help them do more effective business.     

One such function is to use “Push Notification” technology to notify tourists (People that travel and manage their own bookings) when they have rooms available. Tourists that drives into a town will receive push messages from accommodation companies that are not fully booked. This will help accommodation companies to make contact with people in need of accommodation and the service also help the tourists. They will not phone companies that are fully booked.

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