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Child Protection Organizations

Phone app development for child protection partners

Each industry supported via the Enjoy Life app has its own focus points when we develop the Enjoy Life phone app.

There is also additional software platforms (explained under Fundraising & software development) that we develop to help raise larger amounts if we need to support a large number of employees within child protection services and their affiliated branches.

Our Initial plan was to develop the Enjoy Life app software structure to help the child protection branch. After carefully considering every aspect, we decided to develop the software a level down. We will support the staff member and not the branch.

It often happens that a person is relocating to other areas and therefore change employment. We will provide the staff member or director with groceries. The grocery spending is a personal thing and we will keep this confidential between our organization and the staff member.

We might support the entire team in an organization. We also might only support one person. The difficult part is that we do not know how many personnel we will one day need to support.

We might be required to ask the public for "Pledges".

We know that residents will help… We just need to approach them in the correct manner. To solve problems, we have to share the problems with people and we need to ensure that if we share a problem, that all the parties involved will feel that we put forward “reasonable” requests.

The December pledge campaign will actually already start during June and it will end at the end of February the following year. Our team will do a lot of work during this important period to ensure that our partnering branches are sufficiently funded.

The public will help if it is easy for them to pledge and to pay their pledges. They will also help if the amount needed is reasonable. Our objective is to ask low LSM people for only R3 per month for 3 months.

We explain our support plan in steps:

First step:

First step is to introduce the director or the head fundraiser of the child protection branch to Enjoy Life app users (if we support the entire branch).

The Enjoy Life software has an “Ambassadors’ link where we explain to phone users that we work with exceptional people to provide to bedridden patients and simultaneously support child protection organizations.

If we only support one staff member, then we will introduce the person on his/her own to the phone user. It will help a lot if people can identify a person on their phone.

Second step:

The second step is to use the Enjoy Life app almost like “Facebook”. We will send a notification to phone users when it is for example a Social worker’s birthday… We will ask the residents linked to the Social worker to wish her/him well on her/his birthday… This is just to keep the residents involved with social workers.


We will also send thank-you messages to phone users who are actively using the “Bucket List” function on the phone. It will be a message that will be posted by the CEO of the branch or the Head fundraiser of the branch. (Remember, this is not the Homecare fundraiser. There might be branches who employ full-time fundraisers.)

Third step:

The third step will be to constantly update Enjoy Life app users about our progress to support bedridden patients and child protection organizations. Phone users will know if we are on track with our financial plannings to support our important projects.

Fourth step:


The fourth step is to send special messages to phone users. It will be a great plan to wish them well on their birthdays. The Enjoy Life app will automatically do these messages on behalf of the CEO of the branch linked to the person.


We will also do the “seasonal greeting” messages.

Fifth (Final) Step


The last step would be in December to calculate the shortfalls of our budget for the next financial year. The software will be able to distribute the budget into pledge categories. We develop the software to ask for a little bit higher pledges amongst residents in Boschenmeer Golf & Country Estate than for residents in Dal Josefat.


We use other data structures in the technology to help us build up LSM (Leisure Spending Money) profiles of phone users. The same data will be used for the “pledge” campaign.

We work on a National Budget, but we also plan it regionally. We will know how much funds we need to support the Personnel linked to our software per area.


The software will calculate pledges per region. It will then share the shortfall with residents linked in Boschenmeer Golf & Country Estate, linked in Lemoenkloof, linked in Rabiesdale, linked in Dal Josefat and linked to all the other suburbs in Paarl.


Boschenmeer residents might receive a pledge request of R250 for 3 months. The Rabiesdale person might only receive a pledge request for R3 for 3 months. The LSM profile builder will help with the pledge allocations.

We will be able to secure up to R 110 million over a 3 month period via our "Pledge" project. There is additional detail available under "Fundraising & software development" if you have time to read it. We also discuss 5 software platforms that we develop to help staff if we must support more than 4 000 employees.

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