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Business Partners

The Homecare Foundation is no ordinary Non-Profit Organization. We do not rely on traditional fundraising, but rather, we aid in Business Partners increasing their income, and as a result income support for bedridden patients is generated indefinitely.

Most companies work to earn income for shareholders. We do not have shareholders; our beneficiaries are bedridden patients and their caretakers in need of funding. With this in mind, we cannot fail the companies we work with. If we cannot increase income for business partners, we will fail frail care patients in the long run.

The Homecare team develops technology that will help our tourism sector to grow substantially. Tourism plays an important role in or country and can help the small to medium size businesses if we help the tourism sector to grow, and also to save funds that is currently lost to companies abroad.


Technology we develop will prevent that our tourism industry loose large amounts. South Africa accommodation companies lost an estimated R2.7 Billion during the 2017 as a result of foreigners and South Africans that booked accommodation via the internet.

This frail care initiative will have a critical impact on lives for years to come.  We believe that whilst “we make a living by what we get, we only make a life by what we give”, we need to choose to make a difference.


The Homecare Foundation requires support from business partners to provide the necessary financial input for bedridden patients and their caretakers.


We believe that through the correct channels and business partnerships the required fundraising will be generated to support these needs for years to come. We estimate that with the correct agreements, structures, and negotiations in place a sum of R15 million per month could be generated, making this one of the biggest contributor funds towards frail care needs.

Invitations are now open to companies, in various industry sectors, to partner with the Homecare Foundation in this unique initiative to support patients in frail care, and as a result make a positive contribution in the community.


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Please click on the relevant link below, with the password received on e-mail, to open the relevant industry sector web page for further partnership and benefit information:

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The business partners section can only be accessed from a computer or a tablet. You will need a password to access information published for different industries. If you would like to find out how we support numerous companies and need a password, please mail 

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