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The Homecare Foundation was established to provide essential services to people in need of frail care support, irrespective of disease, age, race or religion.


Frail care is generalised as a service provided to the elderly, however the reality is that the youth are also impacted, through various diagnosis such as Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy and Motor Neuron diseases.


Most of these frail care patients end up in old age homes as their bodies become less functional, but their minds and spirits remain young and operational.

It is only possible to provide financial support towards bedridden patients if we manage numerous projects... one of the unexpected projects is to develop technology that will be used in the tourism industry. It enables us to secure funding for our important services we intend to provide.




Our mission is to provide additional funding/social grants to caretakers of bedridden patients. The current Care Dependency Grant of *R1 600 per month that government pays to 146,870 beneficiaries caretakers of “disabled” people is far too low with our current food prices and high unemployment situation.

* R1600 according to research done by Louise Ferreira (Africa Check). Document is posted on this website.

Our concern is that the necessities needed to look after bedridden patients will be negatively impacted by the lack of available funds to caretakers. We are aware of pensioners who take care of their bedridden children, who will within months be out of all their savings.


For this reason, through the support of our Business Partners, we are able to offer a variety of essential services to those impacted.

Enjoy Life phone app

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In partnership with CSE Services, a unique software platform has been developed, namely the ENJOY LIFE phone app.


A media campaign will be launched in March 2024 by the Homecare Foundation team in conjunction with their Business Partners, after which the free app can be downloaded by the public from the virtual phone stores in March 2023. 

Negotiations will soon be underway with coffee shops, restaurants and fuel stations nationally to partner with the Homecare Foundation initiative for exceptional services and offering provisions to app users.


The app will resonate the importance of enjoying every moment of living as precious, and that it is a privilege to be able to enjoy good health.


There will also be a bucket list function in the app. The Homecare team will negotiate discounts from companies that can help fulfill bucket list items. The Homcare Foundation will also use 5% of our income in a project to help people ENJOY LIFE. We will provide Bucket List enthusiasts funding, to tick their items. (Financial contributions that will be from R2 000 up to R80 000)

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