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Software development and "Beta" testing


The Homecare team develop the Enjoy SA phone app, which is now ready for Beta testing. This phone app will also  be used to help reduce farm attacks.

Growing tourism

The Homecare Foundation will more effectively be able to fund our social projects, when we help companies involved in the tourism industry.

One of our platforms we develop is This accommodation booking platform will assist lodges on farms. Our country lost an estimated R2,7 billion during 2018 in accommodation booking commission due to the fact that all the major internet booking companies are from abroad.

It is money that should have stayed in South Africa. The problem is that South Africans also prefer to use phones and computers to book accommodation, even if such holiday or business accommodation is required inside South Africa

Tourism is now down, but we need to prepare our country for when we can restart the tourism industry.

The huge concern about safety on farms has a negative impact on tourism. Not only amongst foreigners, but also our own citizens living in cities and towns are no longer interested in visiting lodges on farms.

TLU SA will help the Homecare team

We are grateful that TLU Sa agreed to help the Homecare Foundation, specifically in our focus to reduce risks on farms.

Numerous lodges, even in the Western Cape winelands district, is situated on farms. Farms in the Northern Province and Mpumalanga district is also popular amongst foreigners.


The Homecare team believes that the way we develop the Enjoy SA app, to assist farmers, can eventually reduce risks on farms.

We already have a number of Beta testers on board. We are currently busy with a process to invite estate agents, financial advisors and guesthouse owners to represent the Homecare Foundation in their communities.

We are developing additional software that will play an important role in our objective to secure more business for our accommodation partners.

Although the main focus of the Enjoy SA application is to grow tourism, it will simultaneously provide security support to numerous South Africans, including people in the lower-income brackets.

The costs to provide security support towards lower income South Africans will be sponsored out of retail spending by these phone users.

The booking platform and the Enjoy SA phone application will after the Beta test period is completed, be introduced to millions of South Africans via different marketing strategies.

We also involve well-known South Africans to help us with negotiations. The objective is to embroil other South Africans in different sport categories who will help us with national media campaigns once we are ready to support South Africans nationally.


We ask Beta testers to purchase a small percentage of their groceries via Gift-cards. Detail about the process will be mailed to you once you have registered onto the website.  

The Registration form enables Beta testers to provide an estimated amount that they might need per retail group. Beta testers will be able to order vouchers during the development period and can change orders on a monthly basis based on their own financial positions.



Thank you for becoming a Beta Tester!

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