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Child Protection Organizations

Funds towards Child Protection branches



It is clear that staff working for Non-Governmental organizations will most likely not catch-up with salaries in regards to DSD staff.

During discussions with management teams at numerous child protection branches, we were told about staff who kept on doing their best to support children, even when they were not paid salaries.

Staff is the most important focus point, and our intention is to reward these exceptional people. We will put them into the same financial position as DSD employees.

We explained in the Introduction section, and in the Fundraising section that we need to implement our support plan in different blocks. We would have preferred to support all the staff after the Enjoy Life app has been launched. The reality is that there is too much pressure on staff working at branches. It is better to support staff earlier and rather plan our support platform well.

We also need to be fair towards child protection organizations. Technology will ensure that every person (race, age etcetera) has an equal opportunity to receive support from our project plan. The only thing that has an influence is what Pledge Id we provide. We can only provide support based on the network structure we set-up and manage.


We decided to first support staff with their groceries. We will thereafter allocate funds towards other needs of the branches (explained under Office expenses). It is impossible at this stage to determine how many employees will register with us. We therefore plan our support structure towards

4 000 employees. We will be grateful if we need to support a small number.

Groceries is a personal expense. It is information that we will keep confidential. We will therefore not disclose any personnel member’s grocery expenses with any board member, or even the director of the branch. We will however disclose how much groceries we purchased for the entire group in reports. It is the same principal that we follow as towards supporting caretakers of bedridden patients. We will never disclose an individual’s personal information. We will however explain that we for example helped 12 cancer patients, 2 motor neuron patients in a 10 km radius and the total support per category will be available. (We must provide feedback to phone users if we want to get their constant support.)


We will provide the director only a report on which staff members has registered on our platform, and the Pledge ID’s they received, meaning in which block they fell with regards to our support plan.


Our support strategy to provide staff with their groceries is actually a HUGE benefit for the branch. Groceries is the “main” item that a person needs to pay out of his/her salary. You can only pay school fees, or even buy fuel after this important expense has been covered. The cost of food and other grocery items is raising constantly. We know that the salary increases are not really in line with grocery spending inflation.

Your staff will within a short period free up their salaries and this will reduce stress levels of employees.

The Homecare team also decided that we will offer support to board members. These people often spend a lot of time to help the branches, without receiving financial contributions. We decided that board members can also register and receive discount on their personnel groceries out of our project.

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