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Child Protection Organizations


Child protection management teams should focus on their work without worrying about personnel looking for other employment opportunities.

We can provide staff groceries in order to help them with their basic living expenses. This will free up money needed for other expenses. The nett effect will be that staff working for your organization and Government employees will have the same living standards. We only ask that management should notify their staff about our invitations to register with us and allow them to make their own decisions.

There will be less pressure on management teams to source additional funding if the staff can be supported without pressure on salary increases.

We will also in future help branches with additional funds if their entire team is registered on our grocery support platform.

Fundraising has become much more challenging. We discuss later how different Non-Profit Organizations actually compete against each other to get financial support from a smaller number of available donators. Jacqui Dunn (Office manager Child Welfare Kraaifontein) described the term “donor’s fatigue” where the same people are targeted and these people eventually do not want to see any fundraiser.

According to Shanie Boshoff (CEO of ACVV), Child protection organizations also struggle with fundraising because of the nature of business they conduct. The public do not really want to be confronted with negative information such as the number of child molestation etc. that occurs in their communities.    

Most of the NGO’s are managed by older experienced people who have been involved over a long period. It is difficult to get younger people involved to manage branches as financial pressure is something they do not comprehend.

Our Chairman had the opportunity to meet with different Child Welfare and ACVV branches. We also completed a survey amongst the public so that we have a better understanding about all the challenges child protection branches face. The solutions to these challenges is explained on this website.

Our objective is to provide child protection organizations the best IT systems so that services by staff can be provided without personal financial constraints.

This project includes much more than phone technology alone. You will read how numerous companies, church communities, schools and separate fundraising teams will be involved to help secure a sustainable income platform for the Homecare Foundation.


The Homecare project is not a short-term support plan. This income platform will be a source that will provide financial relieve towards staff for years to come.

The invitation is now open to staff working at all the child protection branches.

It will be easier to support the first group. We hope to help up to 4 000 staff members. It is only fair to support the initial group with all their grocery spending before we support the last groups.

There is a lot of work involved to prepare for the launch of the Enjoy Life phone app. We are going to publish photos of social workers on resident’s phones. We later explain how we will engage residents to help fund the groceries of these staff members.

Residents needs to know who the social workers are that they help subsidize. The entire process of sourcing funds will dramatically change and it might have a negative impact on your organization if your staff join the project to late.

On Introduction (page 2) we publish our research amongst the public. It became clear that they are not aware about the financial strains child protection teams face.


It might take up to 4 hours to read the entire website. We need to publish all the information if people want to have extensive knowledge about the Enjoy Life Phone App, how it will benefit companies and how it will be marketed,

If time is limited, and you only want to read the "basic information" related to your industry, you can follow the "Highlighted" links (Blue background) on the top of the page. This will reduce your reading time to +20 minutes.

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