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Child Protection Organizations

Marketing the app

The Enjoy life app will be marketed extensively. Our objective is to support more than 950 000 South Africans within a 2-year period. This will be possible as we implement different strategies to ensure that the Enjoy life app will be downloaded by millions within a short period.


Our business plan to support 950 000 South Africans means that we will support less than 2% of our population. This may look like an ambitious target, but if you consider that almost 1 million South Africans are willing to drive to Bloemfontein for a prayer meeting over a week-end in April, our business plan to find 950 000 South Africans across all racial classifications must be achievable.

Our modest target of 950 000 South Africans include 700 000 wage earners. Remember that the Enjoy Life app is a Free app that the public can download. It is available to all LSM income categories. We invite anybody that can buy a cooldrink at a fuel station or food at fast-food companies to download the free app. The Foundation will support patients across all racial classifications, hence our marketing is aimed at all the people in South Africa. Companies who will benefit financially out of the Enjoy Life app will also be actively involved in the marketing of the Enjoy Life app.

We publish important information that Child Welfare management are required to read. Please read all the marketing campaigns if possible. If time is limited, read the last section (point g) where we discuss “Ambassadors”. There is important information that we need to convey.

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