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Child Protection Organizations

b) Fast-Food businesses & Restaurants


The Homecare Foundation will also go into exclusive partnerships with fast-food businesses, similar to as the partnership we negotiate with restaurants nationally.

The Foundation will donate 8% of our turn-over towards the fast-food businesses to help construct exceptional fast-food specials available to Enjoy Life app users. We project to donate R5,7 million per month to the fast-food businesses. The restaurants will receive 5% of our turn-over (R3,5 million) to subsidize specials offered to Enjoy Life app users.

Fast-food businesses do not have seating limitations and their cost to provide products are much lower than restaurants. The Foundation however need these partnerships to benefit everybody. It will definitely benefit the food supplying companies in partnership.

We ask restaurateurs and fast-food business owners to market to their clients with flyers etc. that they offer exceptional specials to their clients and these specials can only be received if their clients have installed the “Free Enjoy Life app”.

We foresee that a large number of younger people (School kids and students) will use the phone app. Our business plan to support fast-food businesses with loyalty programmes will help us to gain huge support under the younger generations.

We have spoken to business owners in the fast-food industry. They are also more willing to offer items on a loyalty programme to people helping them in their businesses. They are excited about the opportunity to reward clients that provide feedback. They believe that when their staff member knows that the person has access to the owner/management team via their cell phones, and that poor service can be reported, that service in general will be better.

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