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Child Protection Organizations

c) Companies in your area to help market the app

Media is highly expensive for companies. Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) or better known as “Push notification technology” that we use in the Enjoy Life app to support companies, enables us to offer better media support, at a lower cost structure. Media is important for companies and it will be foolish for companies to stop with marketing, especially when the economy is under distress.

The Homecare team negotiates with numerous companies to support the Foundation. We help them to reduce their marketing spend and we ask business owners to donate 30% of the amount we helped saved to support patients.

There are companies that spend more than R20 000 per month on printed media advertisements. They print inserts that is inserted into their local weekly newspapers. The Foundation will over time help these companies to reduce at least 50% on printed media spending. (They might eventually stop these costs in total) The Enjoy life app will “push” advertisements on residents’ phones and the advertisements will also reach people who entered the business’s catchment area. Tourists or people from other cities do not always pick up local newspapers. They therefore are not aware about promotions from local businesses. It will also be possible to reach people with more "up to date" information on specials. Printed media is slow in this regard. It will take the project a few months, but eventually the business owner will be able to at least half his/her printed media costs. We will within months drop their other media costs such as SMS costs as well.


It is therefore important to know that companies will do a lot to save on marketing costs. The high food prizes do not only influence the caretakers and patients. It even has a negative impact on companies selling food etc. People tend to buy less food and they will leave items they might have bought when the food prizes were lower.


Our business plan is to help companies to save on printed media over a period. The Enjoy Life phone app will systematically replace print media with effective media.

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