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e) Family and friends of patients are required to help market the Enjoy Life app to earn fees for the patient

One of our best strategies to ensure that South Africans download and support the Enjoy Life app lies in the way we developed the Enjoy Life app. Our media campaigns that the caretakers can apply for financial support will spread like a wild fire! We developed the app to help caretakers. The Enjoy Life app will also assist all the immediate family members who are influenced by the fact that a family member became in need of financial support due to the fact that he/she is in need of frail care support.

The Homecare marketing team will use social media platforms to inform families of frail care patients that the Foundation has developed the Enjoy Life app and that the app can help caretakers to earn income for the period that they need to look after a person in frail care. There are so many social media activities regarding frail care. Most people use social media to inform friends and family about the person who became in need of frail care support.

The process will be that when a family member (caretaker) apply for financial support, we will ask the caretaker to download the Enjoy Life app. Successful applicants will receive a unique code for their patients. We ask caretakers and their family members to mail the unique code representing the patient to their contacts. The Enjoy Life app enables us to raise funds per individual. A friend of the patient can for example save the unique code into his/her Enjoy Life app. Every time that the friend uses his/her Enjoy Life app at restaurants (plus other companies on the network) and list the beverage purchased, the software will allocate that beverage’s gross profit to the patient specifically.

An app user will be able to link unique codes of different patients to his/her profile. The app user’s spending will then be shared amongst the different unique codes linked.

If the app user does personal donations, the funds will also be shared to the codes linked to his/her profile.


Our commitment to caretakers is simple… We cannot commit that we can earn enough from our business partners to cover all the financial shortfalls of all the caretakers who applied. We will share amongst caretakers the available funds, proportional to their financial shortfalls.


The Enjoy Life app however can help caretakers who assist us to earn more fees than the caretakers who do nothing. If the caretaker motivates friends and family to download the Enjoy Life app and these family and friends use the app at business partners, their gross profits on products will be used to support the patient linked to their profile.


The software managing the distribution of funds is truly complex, but it plays an important role to help us push the app into the market.

The following explains:

Each app user will by default has a setting that profit out of his/her app will be shared amongst all the caretakers on the platform. There will be a percentage of app users that will not know a patient in person and their settings will remain with “default to all”.

There will be app users that might know numerous patients they would like to help (Hence our software enables the user to link different codes to his/her profile). We do not want app users to be limited when numerous people ask them to help family members. An app user will always share a percentage of their donation income with the “National fund” The following example explain:


The app user links codes of 14 frail care patients. The app will distribute the gross profit on a beverage listed into 15 portions. The gross profit on a coffee is R9.75. The financial software will allocate R0.65 to the “National Fund” and R0.65 to each patient linked on the person’s profile. Each App user will receive full reporting on how much funds were paid out to the patients linked on their profiles.


The Enjoy Life app software is ingeniously developed to remind the phone users that they can donate simply by listing a drink they bought from partners. The app will also reward users for helping patients. Furthermore, the app will thank the user for his/her support and it will give feedback regarding how much funds were raised and what happened with funds that were raised. All these actions will help to secure constant funding for patients.

It is however possible with the unique software structure to help caretakers who are involved in the distribution of the app to earn additional fees from friends and family and their contacts. The more app users with patient’s unique code linked to their profiles will result in more funds for the patient.


We need to explain to restaurateurs one important thing about the development and distribution of the app. The Enjoy Life app help companies who are willing to support the patients to do more business. The Homecare management team does not benefit financially as a result of the Enjoy Life app. It is only the patients and their caretakers that benefit financially for a short period, or the most difficult period in the patient’s life.


Our board members are not proud about the fact that we developed a phone app that will be distributed by people who are under emotional distress. Our opinion however is that if we know we can help caretakers, and we then do nothing about the caretaker’s financial stress, that we are not fulfilling our lives’ purpose for what God needed us.

We know that technology can help caretakers to reduce their financial stress. They need to focus on a difficult task which is to be emotionally strong for the ones they take care of. Caretakers and their family members will be so appreciative about the fact that companies are willing to donate portions of their profits to help the patients.


The software is a tool that the Homecare Foundation in partnership with CSE Services and CSFS developed. The people pushing the tool into the market is the people who need  the funding.


The fact that a large percentage of caretakers will only receive financial support for a fairly short period, will result that the Foundation will continuously support new groups of families. It is a fact that on a monthly basis thousands of people became so ill that they need frail care support.


We might need to support 5 000 new applicants per month (It is difficult to predict). The software however enables us to give feedback to each caretaker we support. The caretaker will be able to view how many phone apps are linked to the patient’s unique code. Immediate family and friends of the patient can therefore track how many friends and other contacts they have invited have linked the patient’s code to their profiles.


At this point, we need to clarify to readers. We will never publish personal information about any caretaker or the patient in media. We only give detailed reporting of how many patients and in what disease category were helped. We also implement strict rules to ensure that we only help people in need of FULL frail care support. Applicants must agree that a social worker visit the home where the patient is being looked after. We do a lot to raise funds but we do more to ensure that funds are not waisted!              


The Enjoy Life app (with its functions to help others Enjoy Life) and the fact that families can earn donations for their loved ones will result that THOUSANDS of South Africans will push the app into the market. People will even phone contacts and ask them to please link profiles with unique codes. You can almost view it as the most effective “Word of mouth” marketing strategy that we will implement to ensure that the app is used.


We are confident that with such a well-planned software platform that thousands of South Africans will motivate people to download and to use the Enjoy Life app. This will benefit our restaurant partners immensely.

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