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Child Protection Organizations

Global relieve funds

We will within a short period negotiate financial support from larger International relieve funds. We know that it will also be much easier to get financial support from abroad if we approach such organizations in partnership with child protection organizations.


The International relieve funds will only help bedridden patients in South Africa if we have exceptional control systems in place, with the correct business partners to ensure that funds are not wasted on administrative costs, alcohol, cigarettes etc.


There is enough media abroad about our “State capturing” and the impact it has on our economy. The Homecare board will explain to International fund managers that we only ask for financial support to relieve pressure that innocent people experience. We also work hard to raise funds out of our own economy, thus we are not there to beg…

Our objective is to approach the following global funds by June 2020 to ask for financial contributions:


We first need to get as much registrations as possible from caretakers on the web-based platform so that we have a complete analysis about their financial needs. The process will start a month before we launch the Enjoy Life phone app and we will need about six month’s media to ensure that caretakers nationally had sufficient time to register. We will also need financial reports on our own fundraising drives via the Enjoy Life phone app before we send representatives abroad to present our project to the different organizations.

We forecast to support +12 500 bedridden patients nationally, although the number of applicants might be higher. We will during 2019 approach Global funds to ask for financial support, while we wait for our economy to recover.

The Enjoy Life phone app has numerous important functions. One is to raise funds out of South Africans and tourists to our country, where we use positive media campaigns and where we focus on Enjoying Life. The other is to provide a structured support base where we monitor the financial support to caretakers.


We initially wanted social workers to visit caretakers and provide feedback via the Enjoy Life app if a patient is still alive. We started the role out with Child Welfare branches who agreed to help us with these functions in return for financial support out of the Enjoy life phone app. It was only after meeting with more Child Welfare management teams that we realized we need to adjust our own business plans. We now involve other people to support us with visits to caretakers.

The Homecare project supporting bedridden patients would have launched in April 2018. Our first meetings with child protection organizations were with Bettie Nieuwoudt (Child Welfare Stellenbosch) We decided to adjust software and help Child Welfare branches. After completing surveys amongst the public, we decided that we will actually have to develop much more software platforms to ensure that with technology, we can help all the staff within child protection organizations.

The launch of the phone app is now extended to December 2018, depending on the software development required to support child protection organizations. With this being said, we can already start to support personnel within 3 months.

The project we work on is a community project. We involve different companies to share one phone app. In short, we are programming the most advanced phone app to help companies save millions on media costs. We negotiate 30% of their media cost saving towards caretakers and our child protection staff partners.  

The Homecare Foundation can only support people in frail care if we can earn income via exceptional well-planned software. There is no way that any Non-Profit Organization will be able to raise the amount needed via traditional fundraising events to support a patient’s personal costs. Not even to mention the pressure to raise funds to help staff within child protection organizations.

We provide important services to families who are caught off-guard by devastating diseases where people become in need of Frail care support.

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