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Child Protection Organizations

Homecare fundraising team

We know how difficult it is for fundraisers to approach companies and ask them for donations… We predict it will only become more difficult in future.


We are excited about our new president and we are hopeful that corruption will eventually be limited. This being said, the reality is that it will take years for our economy to recover, and most business people will not immediately be able to donate large amounts.


The Homecare team understand this challenge. Our business plan is to employ 15 fundraisers nationally, who will be responsible to help child protection organizations negotiate donation income out of businesses. These fundraisers will work for the Homecare Foundation on a 15% commission scale, and they will be employed by the IT companies who support the software structure. The commission earnings are lower than what NGO’s on average offer to fundraisers who work without a fixed salary.  

Our task is to ensure that the fundraisers are successful. We understand that there is no limit on how much commission a fundraiser may earn if he/she is successful in their attempts. Their combined income will make them well-paid fundraisers.

Our objective is to find people who have the skills to build relationships with business owners. These people are often entrepreneurs involved in their own businesses. Entrepreneurs are often looking for opportunities where they can earn fairly large amounts. What we want to convey is that it is important to use people with skills to support child protection branches. These people will be handpicked and well looked after.

There is a saying… If you want monkeys for a job, offer peanuts as reward… This project cannot rely on inexperienced staff.

The Homecare team plan this project even into the finest detail. We also need to develop additional software structures to successfully help these fundraisers and child protection organizations. It is the only project where the fundraisers will have a reason to communicate with business owners above from asking for financial support.

The following explains our business targets:

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Note that the Homecare Fundraisers will negotiate small amounts from a large number of companies nationally. The amounts will vary from R250 per month, to R2 500 from larger companies. You will understand how it will be possible to negotiate R2 500 from larger companies with a large number of labourers when you read the Wage payment software section.

We will now explain 5 focus points in software development:

  1. Wage Payment software

    The Homecare fundraisers will be able to help farmers and other companies working with labourers who have to pay out wages. We develop a system that will reduce risks of having large amounts of cash at premises. The software will also assist in our business plan to reach our 500 000 targets of low LSM income support. This software might enable the project to reach 4 million wage earners on our platform. (Please read more…)

  2. Logbook software

    Most of the top marketing companies use software to track the movement of their sales force. Fundraisers in general is supposed to be on the road and not in the office.

    The Homecare fundraising team will be managed in ways that child protection management teams at the moment cannot do. To successfully employ and manage fundraisers, we first develop advanced platforms so that we can help thousands of South Africans. (Please read more…)

  3. LSM profile builder software

    The LSM profile builder software is additional software that we will develop to help fundraisers target business people who are doing well. We need to ensure that our fundraisers are successful with their appointments. (Please read more…)

  4. Personnel recruitment software

    Personnel recruitment is a large industry where many companies participate in. We know that to successfully secure funding for child protection organizations that we will need to implement software that compete against certain role players. The software we will launch will also be used by existing recruitment companies. We are not a direct threat, but we have to use the newly developed platform if we want to ensure that our commitment of raising R98 million will be fulfilled. (Please read more…)

  5. Church & School communicator software

    The Homecare team can help churches and schools to communicate immediate or urgent messages to their congregations or parents of the children without any costs. This software will also help to ensure that a large number of domestic workers will eventually receive additional groceries via the Wage payment software platform. (Please read more…)

The professional fundraising team will rely on these 5 additional software platforms to help them raise R1.5 million per month. We will monitor how the “Beverage sales” and the “Grocery spending” projects performs. The team will on a monthly basis evaluate if they will have to increase the donation targets per industry to ensure that the December period, if needed won’t put too much pressure on residents when we ask them to pledge small amounts.

It will not be difficult for the fundraising team to negotiate for larger amounts if they have stats available on how the beverage sales and grocery spending is performing. They will obviously discuss these stats with business owners. Remember that the value we offer companies is huge. Business owners will more likely decide to help Homecare fundraisers than to support any other fundraiser who are only there to ask for financial support. The business owners can at least see that the Fundraisers and the Homecare team are pro-active and will only ask for financial support or larger amounts if we are concerned about reaching our targets.  

This can be viewed as the first safety net that the team will provide to child protection organizations. There are more fundraising structures that we will now explain. The December campaigns will be the ultimate campaign where we must collect funds if there are shortfalls left.

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