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Child Protection Organizations

Logbook software

This might look to be an extreme plan. We develop tracking technology to help manage fundraisers. Most people do not want to be tracked. Top companies however have employment contracts with their sales force that during business hours, the movement of employees can be monitored. They need records if the sales team is not on target.


The reality is that when people are responsible to secure funding for businesses, that these people should not be at the office. Almost 80% of their business hours should be allocated to appointments with people.

Our intention is to employ entrepreneurs who wants to do well for themselves as fundraisers. These people will be experienced with regards to relationship building. The Homecare fundraisers will be earning large amounts. This is important if we want to secure funding for child protection partners.

The Homecare management team might do a few personnel replacements during the first 2 years until we have the team that can produce according to our standards.

What we want to do, is to identify who the people are that travel long distances for work. We decided to include software development that basically compete against companies such as GPSlogbook.

We also looked at additional benefits that we want to include in the Enjoy Life app software. People that are required to claim their travel expenses for work use technology that cost them in the region of R1299.

We can offer the same services without asking any fees. This will also help us with the distribution of the Enjoy Life app.

The software will support employees with their SARS documents. Our focus is to target people who travel long distances so that we know who to approach in future to become Homecare fundraisers. People that are willing to work long hours will most likely appreciate the opportunity to work business hours without the need to travel long distances. They are used to be productive on their own.

Our arrangement with the people we target will be that tracking of business hours is compulsory. Our management team will help these people to build relationships with business people who are doing well. This will ensure that the Homecare fundraisers remain top salary earners.  

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