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Child Protection Organizations

December pledge campaigns & other funding the Homecare Foundation needs to source

The Homecare team cannot only rely on the Wage Payment software platform and on the Enjoy Life phone app to secure funds for this important project.

We need to do additional work before we can ask the public for pledges.

The Funds that we generate during the year will in December be allocated to the Next year's financial planning.

Apart from our fundraising team, the Homecare board will also focus on the following:

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Homecare event management team

The Homecare team also decided that we will need a separate team who will mostly work over week-ends to support child protection. This will be a younger team and these people will be placed all over the country in the major cities. (Read more...)


More than 4 500 fundraising events to source additional funding


Thousands of individuals will use the Enjoy Life technology to host events and raise funds. The Enjoy Life theme, combined with phone technology will revolutionize fundraising in general. (Read more...

December Pledge project


With every focus point in this project, we investigate options and develop software to ensure that we can get the ultimate results out of the software development.

To add an additional R110 million just for the December pledge period might seem to be impossible. We will now explain this part in detail:

Our Pledge campaign will already start in November before the holiday period. Readers must remember that we develop the Enjoy life app as a tool that support people to ENJOY LIFE… Phone users will use the tool to book holiday accommodation. They will also use the tool to notify them of any attractions within their interests at the holiday destination.

We will for example during November already have stats available of how many Gauteng residents we expect for example in Knysna. We will also have a breakdown of the LSM profiles to be in that region over a period.

We programme the Pledge tool so that it integrates with restaurants and fast-food businesses.

LSM 2-4 phone users = R9 million   

We will ask LSM 2-4 phone users to pledge R3 for 3 months. We will negotiate with fast-food businesses in the areas where these people reside to get involved in Phone app media campaigns. We will for example inform the phone user that if he/she pledge the R3, and he/she buy a product from for example: “The Hungry Lion”, that the fast-food business will also donate R3 when the pledge is paid at “The Hungry Lion”.

This will help fast-food businesses to lure residents during the holiday till February period. There are numerous fast-food groups that will jump for such exposure during the festive period.

The LSM 2-4 category will in our opinion definitely support the branches with pledges. Remember, that these are the people who receive additional groceries every month via their employers and they know that it is the child protection branch that arranged the extra groceries.

We believe that they will accept the pledge request, even if they cannot support a fast-food business. The software will offer them two options:

  • One = buy a product from fast-food partner and donate R3. The extra R3 will be paid in by the fast-food business.

  • Two = if you accept to pledge, and are not able to support the fast-food business, we will ask your employee to donate R3 per month on your behalf when you purchase groceries… The software will automatically issue for the next 6 months vouchers with the R3 deduction included.

    We will reach our 500 000 target set-upon the LSM 2-4 profile phone users. Readers should know that we intend to approach the ZCC church. We already completed meetings with other church leaders. We know that ZCC members will also get involved to help child protection branches. These people know that the services provided by child protection organizations is provided to people within their communities. 

    The ZCC church will also be supported via our technology to help them raise small amounts from their members. It is just for planning purposes, that we prefer to use relative small targets. We will, through all our different strategies secure support from at least 500 000 LSM 2-4 phone users.

    Remember, this is God's app. We will not be amazed if the ZCC members ask their employers to pay their wages via the Wage payment software platform. Readers should also remember that a large percentage of ZCC members are working at companies or the Government. It will be a mistake to assume that all of the church's members are low income people. 

    We believe that a large number of church members will be unemployed and SASSA grant receivers. We explain at the end of the website our strategy to engage with SASSA grant receivers.

    We will not be amazed if at the end of the project, that we will have more than 3 million ZCC church members who have linked their Enjoy Life phone apps to the ZCC church... We will within 2 years look upon this project and we believe that God will show all the people involved just how AMAZING He is!    

LSM 4-6 phone users = R18.7 million   

LSM 4-6 phone users will most likely consist of people employed in the manufacturing industry. Our team will focus largely on businesses within the manufacturing industry.​

LSM 4-6 income people will also be amongst the younger generation. People that recently left school and joined the working community. We have specific focus points with the fast-food project to engage younger generations.

Our aim is to ask people that earn on average R7 500 per month, to pledge R15 per month for 3 months. These people also support restaurants. We will use our restaurant media campaigns to engage with residents in this LSM income bracket. Restaurants will be requested to donate R10 per visit from residents in this income bracket. This will result in R25 per month (R75 over 3 months) donation income from such a phone user.

We believe that it will be reasonably easy to reach the 250 000 phone user target in this LSM group.

LSM 6-8 phone users = R45 million   

The Homecare team must implement unique strategies to engage LSM 6 and upwards phone users. We need to target at least 150 000 people that earn on average R13 500 per month. A large number of these people will be graduates entering the employment market.

Our focus points in students will gradually help us to reach these targets. We also rely on church communities where people above the age of 30 are involved in their communities. We know that it will be more difficult to engage higher LSM income people to pledge, but church members will more likely pledge out of their own will.

Our strategy is to use digital restaurant vouchers as a lure to help secure pledge income. The phone users will receive these vouchers via the Enjoy Life phone app. We will offer restaurant vouchers to LSM 6 - 8 people, where we explain that the restaurant donate R25 if they visit the restaurant. The Enjoy Life phone software structure help us to buildup a profile of restaurants that the phone user prefers. We will engage with the "preferred restaurants" and ask them to participate in the Pledge campaign. We need to raise R100 per month for 3 months out of these phone users. 

The phone user will be asked to pledge R75 and we will explain that the preferred restaurants will donate R25 out of the restaurant visits. R75 is a small amount if you earn + R13 500 per month.    

LSM 8+ phone users = R37 million   

This will be the most challenging part of the entire project.... to secure support from 50 000 South Africans who love their country and who will do almost anything within their means to help create a brighter future for the next generations.

We are fortunate to develop the Enjoy Life phone app with all the diversity modules included. We develop the accommodation booking system so that we can engage top lodges and hotels to help child protection branches with pledge campaigns.

Readers must understand that it could take p to 3 years after we launched before we will successfully secure enough financial support out of the LSM 8+ income people.

The Enjoy Life phone app keep record of all the movements of phone users. It will be possible for us to know where a phone user was on holiday for a specific period. We will during June the following year start with a campaigns to ask phone users if they want to perhaps book accommodation for the next December period via the Enjoy Life phone app. We will explain that the Lodge or boutique hotel will donate one night's accommodation booking fees to the child protection branch linked to the phone user if the booking is done via the Enjoy Life app.

This will already help us to reach a large percentage of the phone user's pledge target. We need to receive on average R 750 per high LSM phone user over a 3-month period. Certain phone users will pledge the R 250 per month without relying on deals we help structure. Other phone users will pay in far more than the average via our network strategy.

If you consider that most of the companies want to target high LSM income people for business, then you will understand that expensive accommodation companies will without hesitance donate the one night's commission that is on its own more than R 450. Accommodation at

R 3 000 per night will secure R 450 (15% booking fee commission).  

We will furthermore during November start to negotiate with restaurants at the destination the High LSM client will visit to also provide restaurant pledge vouchers. The High LSM people will easily spent R 1 500 on a dinner. It will be fairly easy for our team to negotiate with top restaurants a donation within the region of R 150 when our High LSM Income person support their restaurant.

This will leave us with a R 100 shortfall that the High LSM Income person must pledge on his/her own.

Again, it is important to understand that we explain "averages". There will be people who will not pledge... There will be people who will pledge far above the average. There will be people who will combine their pledges with deals that phone technology can manage.

We are confident that we will find the 50 000  LSM 8+ people who will help us with our pledge campaign.

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