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Child Protection Organizations

Enjoy life Event managers

Our chairman has some experience with regards to hosting events over weekends. We decided to include event hosting into the project plan to furthermore help child protection organizations.


It is important to remember that we focus on Enjoying Life…


There are numerous people who are fanatics about cycling or extreme sports. Our objective is to ensure that the Enjoy Life phone app will remain the dominated phone app after it has been launched.


We decided that it will be a great idea to include event hosting to the benefit of the project. We will first negotiate with existing sport event companies to see if we cannot work in partnership.  

We will employ our own team if needed, who will use the Enjoy Life phone app technology to host events.


The team will manage the entire process to host for example mountain bike events. There is a lot of work involved in hosting such events. You ned to identify farms or parks where such events could be hosted. The track must be build. There must be medical teams and marshals. There must be food and prizes etc…


It is actually a full-time job to host a large number of events. The Enjoy Life phone app will ne used to invite cyclists or runners to support events. The largest challenge for event companies is actually media. Our benefit will be that we can invite people on their phones, and we will even be able to invite tourists to join such events.


It is unfortunately not a lot of money that can be raised. The service however will ensure that the Enjoy Life phone app will be used by sport people. Our objective is to build relationships with these people, so that our December campaigns will be successful.

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