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Child Protection Organizations

Fundraising events


Thousands of individuals will use the Enjoy Life technology to host events and raise funds. The Enjoy Life theme, combined with phone technology will revolutionize fundraising in general.

We divide our fundraising events into 3 categories:


Category A:

We plan to host at least 3 large events similar to “Afrikaans is Groot” or Huisgenoot Skou Spel etc. We develop software to support event companies and the musicians in our country.

We will represent all the different diseases. We will help Cancer patients, Alzheimer patients, Motor Neuron patients…any patient that became in need of “frail care” support. It will be to our benefit if we combine our energy with Child Welfare branches. We truly believe that South Africans will support our larger fundraising drives.


Our plan is to host at least one large event per year in Gauteng, Western Cape and in Kwazulu-Natal.

We will also host smaller fundraising events where we for example invite 2 artists to perform in larger towns across South Africa. (Nelspruit, Klerksdorp, etc.)

The Enjoy Life phone app will be used to notify people about the events. We expect to raise R3.5 million per year after artists and event costs has been paid.

Category B:  

Our target is to host at least 120 golf days nationally per year. Each property principal is tasked to host one golf day per year in the city/town they represent.

The Enjoy Life app will be instrumental in the golf day invitations. The property principal will invite all our other business partners using the phone app in their area. Each business partner will be asked to bring their clients. Example of such business partners is the Spar owner, the butcher, the hairdresser, the list of companies is almost endless. Business partners who do not play golf themselves will be asked to invite their clients that do play golf to participate.


The golf day will be advertised for example as a Re/Max/Homecare or a Propertycoza/Homecare golf day. It is a golf day in partnership with the property company. We expect to raise on average R14 500 per golf day (R1.7 million targets per year).

Category C:

Estate agents working for the property companies are tasked to support us with smaller fundraising drives.

Each agent is required to host at least 1 event every three months (Between 3 to 4 events per year).

With more than 1 500 “Ambassadors” the Foundation will exceed 4 500 fundraising events per year. These smaller events are more focused on ensuring that the Foundation and the Enjoy Life app remains well-known.

The Enjoy Life app will also play a critical part in the smaller fundraising projects. A large focus point is to involve school kids and students in these campaigns.

Our objective is that estate agents should teach kids to value life. Children must be aware about the fact that people often get into positions where they need frail care support. We want to teach kids that they should save their money to buy things they want in life.

The following example explain:

  1. Estate agent decide to host a chess competition amongst 10 school kids.

  2. Agent is listed as an official “Ambassador” and has a reference number on our system.

  3. Agent will list the competition on our platform as an official fundraising event. The board will provide her with a letter to confirm that we will support her with the event she administrates.

  4. If she needs additional players, she can request that we push a notification to all the school kids in her catchment area so that she can invite additional players.

  5. She hosts the event with R500 prize money for the winner. The winnings will be utilized to help winner with his/her “Bucket List item”.

  6. Each player donates R100 and use the agent’s reference number when they donate.

  7. The Foundation receives R1 000 in funds and we wait for the agent to notify us who the winner is.

  8. The winner will be asked to list a “bucket list item” he/she would like to fulfil. We know that kids will plan “bucket lists” totally different from what adults would do. They will list that they want to buy a “skateboard” or expensive clothes etc.

  9. The Homecare Bucket list team will contact the winner and inform him/her that we will use the R500 to help with one item. We will select an item where the cost is still more than the winnings. For example, the kid wants to buy a “skateboard” and the cost of such board is R1200. We will ask our partner supplying sport equipment for a small discount to help the child. We might now get the skateboard for R900. We will then inform the winner that he/she needs to save R400, so that we can help him/her to buy the “skateboard”

  10. The Foundation will only receive R500 after the prize money has been deducted.

  11. We will also allocate R150 towards the estate agent’s bucket list fund for hosting the event. The nett effect is that the Foundation will only receive R350 for the entire event.

Most organizations will not put in effort to raise such small amounts... We however believe that it is truly important to support even the smallest event. We need advanced software for this action plan. The software needs to integrate with the financial systems and with the bucket list software. We cannot manage thousands of events without software where we need to track the funds raised and link it to the correct agent and to support the winner of such event.

Hosting the smaller events will also have other important benefits.

First, the school kid will learn a valuable lesson. The Foundation can help bedridden patients, but with all the energy combined from thousands of companies, we can never fulfil in the patients’ financial shortfall. We can only help the patient partially. It is the same with the child. We work in partnership with companies to help the kid, but he/she still need to save money (hopefully work for it) to be able to tick his/her “Bucket list” item.

We also allocate 15% of the smaller fundraising event’s funds towards funding the estate agent’s bucket list items. We want to encourage estate agents to host more events. They might host for example a mini cricket event or cycling events etc. The agent might raise R10 000 out of certain events. The 15% commission enables us to help the agent tick his/her own “bucket list” items. We implement a simple business plan. An agent can save R15 000 during a year by hosting medium size events. We negotiate discounts from our other business partners to help the agent eventually tick fairly large “bucket list” items.

We expect that the estate agents will eventually host much more than 3 events per year. We encourage them to interact with schools and this will help them in their businesses selling/letting properties as well.

We will receive an additional R1 575 000 donation income per year if we only host 4 500 smaller events and we only receive R350 per event. We believe that larger events will bring in up to R10 000. We might host op to 6 000 events if we plan our structure well.

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