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Child Protection Organizations

Digital vouchers

We know that most people already have access to smart phones. There are unfortunately still a number of people who can only receive an SMS.


The Homecare team therefore must develop the software structure to include support to all kinds of phones.


The graph below is an indication of how we believe the phone technology (Enjoy Life phone app + SMS software) will generate income out of different LSM income categories.

Our support plan is based on reasonable figures. We rely on a small number of South Africans to support this important project. We plan our project on only 950 000 phone users.

We do not want to publish large figures that might mislead child protection teams. We can perhaps in future support more than 4 million phone users (App plus SMS users). You will later read how we will target up to 12 million South African Facebook users just to distribute the Enjoy Life app.

If you consider that almost 1 million South Africans were willing to drive to Bloemfontein for a prayer meeting over a week-end in April 2017, our business plan to find only 950 000 South Africans across all racial classifications amongst all LSM Income categories must be achievable.

If you furthermore consider that the ZCC church has more than 16 million members, then our target that we set upon this project is truly not overestimated. (Sep 18, 2017 - The Zion Christian Church (ZCC) is known to be one of the biggest and fastest-growing churches in Africa -- but some people were shocked to learn that the church boasts 16 million members. The number was revealed in a statement issued by the church at the weekend -- in which it urged its members to ...

We strongly believe that we will reach our target of 500 000 low income wage earners when we ask churches to ask their congregation to help register domestic workers. It will also be an easy task if you consider how the wage payment software will be used by a large number of companies. 

It is only in the LSM 8+ income category that we might struggle to reach 50 000 phone users. But even this will not be impossible to accomplish. Remember that we use technology to engage people. We can reward people when they purchase groceries via the Enjoy Life app. We will for example give these people extra time to book exceptional restaurant deals. There is a lot of other benefits that we plan to provide to loyal supporters.

There are a small number of wealthy people who are First National Bank clients. They receive e-bugs based on volume spending. The discount model where we offer up to 3.5% discount on digital vouchers might break even with their e-bug projects.

We know that there are numerous High LSM Income people with other banks as well. The 50 000 persons we want to target should be accomplished. Remember that most of the business owners we help in different industries will also take up a number of our 50 000 target. (Restaurant owners, Lodge owners, Guest house owners , the list is long)

We want to close this section with an important statement. You need technology, and in this case, it must be “advanced technology” that will enable us to manage the smart phone and normal cell phone (SMS) vouchers.

We know exactly what software we must develop to support child protection organizations. The development time will be determined by the support we receive from child protection teams. This is explained under the “Fund towards child protection” section on the website.

We referred in the Introduction section to God’s app. We said that we will later explain how even a freak accident prevented the team from going live with the Enjoy Life app. You can read more on how God prevented Pieter to go into the market while everything needed was not completed. This happened prior to the day when God spoke to him in a dream and thanked him for setting up the software platform where the Holy Spirit can encourage people to help donate. This link will also explain how Pieter feel about the tasks ahead to help lower income people. As reader you might agree after reading the page that God is involved. He knows the time for everything. Please click link if you have time

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