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Child Protection Organizations

Church & School communicator​


This is confidential information and we need to share it with child protection management teams. We decided that we will need to develop additional sections into the Enjoy Life app platform so that we can target the church communities.


It will be better for us to know which phone users are also church going people. We foresee that a large number of church going people will eventually during the December period help with small pledges to support child protection organizations.


The structural development to support churches will only be cost effective if we use that specific platform to support schools as well.

It will also help us to reach a larger audience if we can get the schools behind the project.


Schools and churches communicate mostly with e-mails. Their urgent communication is usually done via SMS. We can help save communication costs, and also help them raise funds via the Shoprite project.

Whatsapp doesn’t really support large groups effectively. The problem is that if the church administrator for example push a message to a large Whatsapp group, in most cases, group members reply or ask questions via Whatsapp. The Whatsapp software structure then send the reply messages to all the people in the group. A lot of people then disconnect (leave the group) if they are bothered with unnecessary messages. Whatsapp can support small groups effectively. Cell groups (small numbers) often will share a Whatsapp group.

Our solution 

The Homecare IT team is now developing a “One way” administrator driven push notification platform to support churches. Any message that the church would have send via SMS to their congregation will in future be delivered via the Enjoy Life phone app.

We will provide this service free of charge. When the Enjoy Life software notice that the phone user does not have the Enjoy Life app installed on his/her phone, a SMS will then be send from our server. We will negotiate better SMS rates, as we will send messages on behalf of a large number of churches and schools..

The churches will in future only pay for a percentage of communication (the ones where we couldn’t push message free) and these costs will be at lower rates. The financial benefit that churches will receive might entice them to ask their congregation to please download the free “Enjoy Life phone app”

There is also an additional benefit for churches to arrange that their members download the app. We want to help churches to invite guests to their towns so that these people also visit their churches over week-ends.

The Enjoy Life app will know if the phone user is for example linked to the “Seventh Day Adventist” church in Gezina, Pretoria. The phone user may be in Bloemfontein over a weekend and if there is a “Seventh Day Adventist” church in Bloemfontein, that church will be able to invite the phone user to their services on Saturday.

The phone user will only be invited by other churches within the same church group nationally, when the phone user is in the catchment area of the church. This will actually help churches to increase the visitors per session. It will help churches to increase their collections as well.

For schools

We can help source additional funding, but more importantly, we help schools save a fairly large amount on communication costs. Schools are always looking for ways to be more efficient.

The Digital voucher software will also share fees with churches and schools


The Enjoy Life app software will enable the app user to link his/her school and his/her church to donate the portion of his/her spending on groceries.


​The Enjoy Life app will include a “rewards programme” that can almost be compared to the My School & Woolworths concept. The Enjoy Life app will enable its users to purchase digital vouchers that can be used at the food company he/she prefers to purchase groceries from.

Software settings will split the fees as follow:   

  • 1.5% of user’s spending will be shared with child protection organizations

  • 3.5% of users spending will go to his/her rewards programme

Default settings

  • If user link a school, 1% will go to school and 2.5% will remain users rewards programme

  • If user link a church, 1% will go to church and 2.5% will remain users rewards programme

  • If user link a church and a school, 1% will go to church and 1% to school, balance of 1.5% will remain users rewards programme

Personal settings
User can choose how to split the 3.5% between school or church. User can keep the entire amount or allocate percentages according to his/her own liking.

This will be an advanced loyalty programme. Phone users will be able to use their points as additional discounts from any of the restaurants and fast-food businesses. Remember that phone users will already receive options to book deals at exceptional rates. They will now be able to use points that they build up via their digital voucher grocery purchases to discount the exceptional deals even further. They will also be able to use their points for additional grocery purchases…hence it is almost like exchanging points into cash.

Our focus is purely to get 1.5% of spending into child protection organizations. We do not think that a lot of Woolworths clients share their points with the My School programme. This being said, the My School programme raises about R4 million per month according to information they publish on their website.

There will be a large number of phone users who will not link a school or a church. It does not matter to us if the phone users use their additional earnings to benefit themselves. This might in fact entice more people to support child protection branches.

Remember that our focus points are to earn small amounts from a large number of South Africans. Our development plan to also reward wage earners, will create an income platform that will be sufficient to support child protection organizations.

We now have additional development ahead before we launch the Enjoy Life phone app. The Loyalty component is important and we develop this section to ensure a long-term solution for partnering child protection branches.

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