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Child Protection Organizations

LSM Profile builder software

The software we develop is extremely advanced.  It can calculate how many phones with the Enjoy Life app installed were on a company’s premises per month. What makes it valuable is the fact that the software can build up a LSM profile of a phone user. 


There are substantial changes in our software development to support child protection branches. One of the largest changes is to include the LSM profile builder.


The Homecare Foundation would not have employed full-time fundraisers to negotiate “donations” for bedridden patients. We now need to develop software to support full-time fundraisers.

We believe that donation income will be important to support child protection branches. We now need to create an edge for the Homecare fundraisers above fundraisers of other Non-profit Organizations to help them when they approach business owners and ask for donations.


The edge would be to know the following:

1.    Which companies had the most financial benefit via the Enjoy Life app in a catchment area.

2.    The correct time to approach these business owners for donations.


To determine financial gain, we first need to determine how many “High LSM” income people visited the specific business for a period.

It is impossible to think that business owners will provide any fundraisers information about their own financial positions.


Technology can however solve this problem partially. We can assume that when a business has been visited by a large number of High LSM Income people, that the business should be in a good financial position.


We can for example assume that when a restaurant receives a large number of high LSM (between 8 and 10) people, that the restaurant will have made profits during that period.


We however cannot assume that when the Boutique clothing shop receives a large number of High LSM visits that the Boutique clothing shop would have made profits. We just know that there were a lot of phone users inside the clothing store, but to assume these people paid for clothes might be a mistake. We know that people inside the restaurant would have paid for meals…


It is however an advantage to know which businesses were busy… It is better to build a business/friendship relationship with the business owner who assumedly made the largest profits.


You may wonder how we will determine if a business was visited by a large number of High LSM income people?


The Enjoy Life app can track movement of users with their consent. We cannot reveal any personal information about phone users to anybody. We can however use behaviour information to help guide the fundraisers towards the best businesses they should approach.


We will on the fundraiser’s appointment planning website list all the businesses in our network.


The businesses will have colour codes next to their names, which will guide the fundraiser to decide which company should be approached next.


When the colour is green, the software thinks that it will be a good prospect to approach. The software at the back-end will have calculated how many people above LSM 8 visited the business. It will compare the visits against the other businesses in the same business sector and rank the businesses according to what the software thinks the best prospect would be to approach first.


You may wonder how we will determine if a phone user is above LSM 8?


We do not have financial information about phone users. We however allocate points towards users and the phone app will increase these points when it determines how many times the phone visited businesses that are also categorized. Certain businesses cater for High LSM people and others not. Phones that visited a business catering for High LSM Income people will automatically increase the phone users LSM profile.


The residential area in which the phone user resides, plus the movement of the phone eventually increase the LSM scoring. Just for explanation, we immediately categorize a foreigner’s phone (tourist) as above LSM 8. We know that when they are in our country on holiday, that they will treat themselves.


A fundraiser’s task, is not to sit in the office! He/she should on a daily basis be in meetings to build relationships with business people that will most likely be willing to donate.


This project offers unique opportunities, even in the way business owners can be approached. Fundraisers must approach the “red” LSM 8 and above people in a different way. We will work in different industries, even including companies that do not use the Enjoy Life phone app. The "Red Employers" will support the Fundraisers just to gain additional benefits for their employees. This is explained in the section about the "Wage program software"

The Homecare team will in future provide our fundraisers a training module to understand how the reporting systems work.

Companies using Enjoy Life phone app for media


The Homecare fundraisers will be able to phone the business owners on the system and arrange meetings with them. The meeting will be to ask the business owner if he/she as any suggestions on what ells needs to be developed on the Enjoy Life phone app, to help the business owners lure more clients to their businesses.

The fundraiser will have a breakdown report that can be discussed with the business owner. The report will show how many phone users per LSM category visited the business for a set period. (We don’t publish the phone numbers or any personal detail about the phones, and it will be explained to the business owner that we only track for management and planning purposes these reports, to help business owners plan their media campaigns better.)

The business owner will plan his/her own media campaigns that the Enjoy Life software will push to people in the businesses’ radius.


The fundraiser will just be able to discuss the results and then importantly, ask the business owner if he/she can think about any additional development that will help to increase success for the business owner.


This will change the attitude of the “red” people. They will realize that the fundraiser is looking after the business owner’s interests. The fundraiser can explain the Enjoy Life phone app is important to child protection organizations, as it secure funding out of beverage sales that help to pay for operational costs.


The fundraiser can also tell the business owner that child protection organizations is doing more than just looking after children. Our partners are also involved in projects with the Homecare Foundation to help fund caretakers of bedridden patients within the community.


Business owners will most likely donate more because the child protection branches are involved in more than just looking after children. (Remember that it is just a partnership and that the financial support to caretakers is managed by the Homecare team. The business owners will not know exactly how the child protection branches are involved, but in their eyes the involvement is important)


This will over a short period open up doors with the “red” business people. Our fundraisers will not immediately ask donations when the fundraiser work on the project. The software will guide them who the best prospects will be to build relationships with. After the third or fourth meeting, the fundraiser can start to ask if the business owner would consider to support the project with a small debit order.


Our fundraisers will also ask business owners for small donations over a short period. It is better to negotiate a 6-month debit order period. Business owners will find it easier if they are approached with a reasonable request to help child protection branches. If you ask for too much funds at one payment, it becomes difficult to succeed. If you negotiate with a larger number of companies for small amounts, the fundraiser will succeed. During these 6 months, constant feedback is required to strengthen the business relationship and to prepare the business owner for the next period.    


Donations can become another corner stone on which the child protection management teams can rely to successfully manage their branches. Technology will play an important role to help fundraisers succeed when they set-up meetings.

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