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Child Protection Organizations

Personnel recruitment software

Another confidential platform that we will explain to management teams is our plans to launch the personnel recruitment software.


The Enjoy Life phone app open doors to companies in the tourism, hospitality and entertainment industries. We also already explained that we will be working closely with restaurant and fast-food businesses. The Homecare fundraisers will therefore already have a large client base with whom they can build relationships.


We know that we need to secure the best possible ways to help child protection companies source finances. We decided that we will develop two additional platforms that will open doors into companies that were not part of our initial focus points.


Our theme is to Enjoy Life… We know that people spend more than 80% of their time at work… It therefore makes sense to help people who are not happy with their work environment to find another job.

It is possible with our business model to help companies and job seekers to find each other at lower costs.


Most of the recruitment agencies will never reveal their clients (people looking for jobs) to companies. We also know about business owners who are looking for employees, and they are forced to pay large amounts (up to three month’s salary) to recruitment agencies if they employ the person referred for the interview.


Our solution


We develop a web-based platform where people looking for employment can upload their CV’s. The software allows them to set a radius on a map where they would prefer to be employed. People often take up work in suburbs far away from home where companies closer to home were also looking to employ a person with the same skills or qualifications. It is just that nobody knew about each other.


We will enable companies free access to CV’s of people looking for employment. All we ask is that if a company employs a person, that the company make a small donation towards supporting child protection branches.


Business owners that register to receive the CV’s will know that this service is to help the Homecare fundraisers raise money for an important cause. We will ask business owners to donate the value of a week’s salary of the new employee. We will even allow the businesses to donate these fees over a three-month period. This will become the most used website used by employers and job seekers. Our goal is to help people find jobs that are more accessible without spending large amounts on travel costs.

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