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Beauty Advisory companies

Software development


The only way to win the WAR against opposition beauty companies is to provide support to Beauty Advisors that other companies CAN NOT offer. Our " Beauty Advisors " needs a secret weapon that will change the outcome of the WAR.

The Homecare IT team develop 6 different software structures, that will enable us to raise approximately R811 million per year to fund different important projects. 

1.    Wage Payment software

2.    Logbook software

3.    LSM profile builder software

4.    Church & School communicator software

5.    Enjoy Life phone app​

6.    Personnel recruitment software

The development of these 6 software platforms are all done with one important thing in mind... how can the different software structures benefit our ambassadors and their management teams?


The software platforms are well planned. It is also implemented in phases. The first phase is to launch the Wage Payment Software platform. The launch is scheduled for January 2019. There is a lot of work involved, including getting photos of all the “ambassadors” in place which we need for marketing purposes.


We are going to explain how the Wage payment software and the Enjoy Life phone app will help Managers and Beauty Advisors.


Detail about the different software development platforms is published on the website for management teams working in Child Protection Organizations. Readers are welcome to read how the different software structures will help raise the large amount needed to support child protection branches. The password for Child Protection teams is: ChildCareOne.


We publish the information under the Enjoy Life Phone app section. Most of the software structures is developed to support the Enjoy Life phone app.

The personnel recruitment software will also help managers.  In short, we decided that part of “Enjoying Life” is to enjoy your career.


We develop a platform where people can point on a map where they would like to be employed. They can then set a radius where they companies to be able to view their CV’s. The public will upload their CV’s without paying any fees. They can categories their CV’s so that businesses can download CV’s starting with options closer to their businesses.


Businesses will also not pay any commission to receive these CV’s. We believe that some businesses might donate fees to help patients, but there is no cost in receiving information. (We change the way media and information is sold)

The Avroy Shlain managers will also be able to download CV’s of people in their geographical areas. The Homecare team might, if the entire group of managers are on-board, allow the area managers a 2-day advantage to first download CV’s of residents before we open the CV’s to companies. It all depends on if the group wants to accept our invitation and if the AD managers are involved. (More detail later)

We will first explain the Wage Payment Software business plan that will give readers a better idea about the support we want to provide to low-income people. (The section that we discuss after the Wage Payment platform is important to study.)

We furthermore explain our strategies to help our "Ambassador" beauty advisors to secure additional business.

Homecare will provide managers and beauty advisors a percentage of their personal groceries that we fund out of the Wage Payment Platform software.

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