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Beauty Advisory companies



You may ask why will a Non-Profit Company be willing to use funds, earmarked to help bedridden patients to help fund groceries of managers?


The Homecare Board understand business… We cannot approach fundraising in the traditional manner. We need to do business in order to earn income for patients… We have been working on this project for years, preparing for one of the biggest challenges ever!


The Homecare team cannot only rely on technology to succeed. We need “ambassadors” to represent the Homecare Foundation. People that we can use in a unique way, without keeping them occupied and distract them from their work. We actually budget to spend R2.5 million per month to help fund “ambassadors”.

The entire R2.5 million was actually earmarked to support estate agents nationally. There is only a short window period in which we will quickly test our project amongst different Beauty Advising companies. (The beauty industry also fit in with our strategies when we launch the Enjoy Life Phone app which we explain later)


We can reduce the financial block for the property industry to R1 million per month. The software we develop will have such a huge positive contribution to help estate agents (AND Beauty Advisors) that we can help the rest of the teams by only providing them 5% of the grocery bills. It is the initial group that will receive up to 50% of their personal groceries, or we can perhaps provide for example groceries to the value of R2 000 per manager… (We publish this page without having all the required information on how many managers are supporting the AD managers)


We should be able to gather the information within 2 weeks if top management show interest in a possible partnership.


The Homecare Board plan that at least 975 estate agents should wear our “Ambassador badges”. We believe that we might be able to add another 3 000 “Ambassadors” if we partner with Beauty Advisors. The Homecare Foundation is also busy to arrange that all the Non-Governmental Child protection branches and their affiliates register on our platform. These people will also be funded out of the Homecare software structures. They will also be "Ambassadors" for the Homecare Foundation. We believe that we will eventually have more than 7 000 "Ambassadors" across South Africa. They will interact with residents nationally and help inform South Africans on how it is possible to help the poor buy groceries with phone technology.      

There MUST be benefits for people to represent the Homecare Foundation. Ambassadors will represent an organization that focus on the most important issues in our country. We however need to use technology and business plans to reward these people…. The BEST reward that we can offer is to help Ambassadors to be Successful in what they are passionate about!   We will therefore help “Ambassadors” to be successful in their careers, so that they can earn more money.

The Homecare Foundation will raise approximately R55 million per month for important projects. We will also raise another R122 million during the December till February period each year. It is therefore “Nothing” to invest R2.5 million plus technology into sales teams of other strategic business partners. You will realize if you read content published for Child Protection Branches that we need to manage the Homecare Foundation as a “Business”. We need to implement business decisions that will secure income for patients. It is also important to mention that our business plan is based on supporting and interacting with only a small number of South Africans, and with 1,5% (One point five percent) of the foreigners on holiday in our country. It is 700 000 South Africans that qualify for Social Grants from SASSA, plus 150 000 LSM 6 to 8 South Africans where we estimate their combined household income to be + R12 500 per month, plus only 50 000 South Africans that can be categorized as LSM 8+ income earners.


The strength of this project is based on supporting the poor, and to help them buy more groceries... We know that the number of people who can benefit will be far above our business target. There are additional focus points which we discuss at the end of the website. The ZCC church on its own has more than 17 million members and we will explain how we intend to help the church.     

We believe it is one of the best planned business cases that you will read about… And the best of all, we will succeed, because we need to look after the vulnerable.   The community will also support this project due to the fact that we help people amongst them.

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