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Beauty Advisory companies


Our focus is to assist the Avroy Shlain managers better. They are the pillars on which the entire Avroy Shlain company relies.

The Homecare Board can in future allocate up to R1.5 million per month, (funds that we generate out of the Wage Payment Software platform), to help Avroy Shlain managers buy their personal groceries. It is funds that they will receive without relying on a single sale of Avroy Shlain products.

The offer that we put forward might have a Capital Value of R360 million for Avroy Shlain if the entire group join the Homecare project. Avon for example, will need R360 million on an investment account (investment @ 6.5% interest) if they want to use the interest received on their investment to contribute R1.5 million per month into buying groceries for their managers. (Remember, this is not the salaries or commission splits on products sold that we talk about… It is funds that will be utilized to purchase groceries even without selling a single product)


We explain later on the website WHY the Homecare Board will allocate R1.5 million per month towards Avroy Shlain managers. It will take us less than 12 months to be in a position to help managers. The R360 million “capital investment” can be a reality within a short period and the partnership will remain available for years to come. 


We want Avroy Shlain to offer their managers better support than what Avon can do for the Avon managers. It is not only providing additional financial contributions that will make the difference… It is actually the technology and the unique partnership that will ultimately contribute to success…


In short, we need to help the managers provide better support to their Beauty Advisors who are ultimately responsible to sell products. Managers can only earn commission if their teams are successful. We explain later how we will help Beauty Advisors sell products in geographical areas they set-up on phone technology. The Enjoy Life phone app will use Push Notification technology to advertise the products of Beauty Advisors to people residing in the smaller geographical areas.


You will read if you visit all the other pages on our website that the Homecare Foundation implement phone technology to help companies reach clients without asking any marketing fees. We believe that the time has arrived where companies should be able to communicate with people without paying for advertisements.

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