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Beauty Advisory companies

Beauty Advisors

Beauty Advisors often use Facebook and other social media platforms to market products and specials. None of these platforms are programmed to help a selected group of individuals increase business.  Facebook intends to help the population and prefer to be impartial. The Homecare Board will have an obligation towards the Ambassadors. We need to use the best technology available to help increase sales, and simultaneously help reduce operational costs.


Tanya van Vuuren for example often post products on Facebook (PaarlPels Group). She intends to reach people living in Paarl area. She often receives response from people residing in Milnerton or other Southern suburbs in the Western Cape. It is not cost effective and time efficient for Tanya to deliver one “Youth Gel” in Milnerton….

Sales is furthermore based on Tanya’s ability to build relationships with people. We first need to sell Tanya before we can get her to sell Avroy Shlain products. Sales is based on “Trust” and personal relationships.  People often use Avon products and they do not understand that beauty products is competitive and that companies do their best to provide the best products.


It will be easier for Tanya to grow her client base if we can present Tanya to people who will view her in another way….


We use a WAR theme in our presentations for estate agents. We explain to them that they are in a Battle to secure more business. Their enemy is the other estate agents. The same apply for Beauty Advisors selling Avroy Shlain products. The enemy is the Avon Beauty Advisors.

Avroy Shlain advisors needs a weapon that will blow the enemy into submission. The ultimate weapon is the Big Boy Atomic Bomb.

bigboy bomb.jpg
atomic bomb.jpg

Before we explain the weapons that we will provide, we feel that it might be important to answer one question…that is Why?

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