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Beauty Advisory companies

One partner

The Homecare Board decided to invite one partner within the Beauty Advisory industry  


Our Chairman (Pieter van Vuuren) is responsible for the role-out strategy of the different software platforms we develop to assist the poor.


The Software will one day fund different projects which include:

  1. Support Child Protection Services (Non-Governmental organizations)

  2. Provide financial relieve to caretakers of bedridden patients

  3. Fund preachers in the deaf community

It might be a coincidence, Tanya (Pieter’s wife) is a consultant working for Avroy Shlain. (Her aim is one day to become a manager.)

one partnership.jpg

Tanya asked Pieter to include Avroy Shlain Beauty Advisors in the Homecare Project. The Homecare IT team develops smart phone technology to help the estate agents (who will be the Ambassadors) to secure more business.

It is possible that the same technology can be applied to help Avroy Shlain consultants sell more products.

Pieter realized that another “Political Challenge” might have a negative impact on the Homecare project. The current uncertainty regarding land reforming without financial compensation has an impact on the property industry (agents selling residential properties) and they might be under huge business risks. 


The Homecare Board invites companies strategically into a partnership. We prefer to limit the “Exclusive support strategies” to a small number of companies. With “exclusive support”, we focus on strategies that will help companies to take market share in their business sector.

Our plan is to help all the companies in numerous industries to reduce marketing costs (Companies will in the near future be able to advertise their products and services via the Enjoy Life phone app without paying any advertisement costs). We will also help companies to support their staff with groceries. This service will be available to all the companies in different industries and we will follow almost the same business strategy as Facebook who will not distinguish between companies.

Our “exclusive support” strategy is for example to only help less than 5% of the property industry to dominate their marketing areas… With the same mindset, we can help Avroy Shlain to compete better against Avon, Annique, or other beauty advisors. We will have to develop specific features into our technology that will ensure success for our partners. There will only be 2 industries where we will favour a small number of individuals.

We know that we need exceptional technology, support from the community and even funding from another sector to help Avroy Shlain extend its market share.

We also believe that it is not the Avroy Shlain products that the consultants sell which will ultimately determine their success. It is the ability to build relationships with residents in their areas that will be the biggest contributor to their success.

The Homecare Board can obviously decide to invite Avon. It is just that we believe it will be better to invite a South African based company as the challenges we address is unique to our South African economy. 

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