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Beauty Advisory companies

Phone Media Support

Our first objective is to explain how we developed a phone app, to help beauty advisors save money, more importantly save TIME, and also increase income… A difficult task, made possible, purely because the Homecare Foundation need beauty advisors as "Ambassadors" to help fund bedridden patients!

We publish a lot of additional content for management within child protection services regarding the Enjoy Life Phone app, including a well-planned media strategy to ensure that the Free Enjoy life app will be downloaded by millions. (It includes TV shows etcetera, after the content needed to launch the app is all in place)

To access this content, you can click on the Business partners page on Child Protection Organizations. The password: ChildCareOne

Photos of Beauty Advisors  


The Enjoy Life app will open an “Ambassador Tab” immediately after the phone user completed his/her settings on the app.


The first page is a general page where we explain that the Enjoy Life app is a tool used to raise funds for projects. You can help people without making any personal donations.


The phone app will then introduce all our “Ambassadors” in the phone user’s area where the person resides.


The Beauty Advisors will be able to set a radius (they can determine the radius themselves) in which area they will be willing to service clients. Our aim is to help them reach people where the costs to deliver, and the time required to service clients will be more sufficient.


The Homecare team believes that selling beauty products rely hugely in the Beauty Advisor’s ability to become friends with their clients.


We also believe that most of the beauty advisors sell products to immediate family and close friends. It takes them time to build up relationships with people they do not really know.


We know that friendship is based on “Trust”. It is therefore important to introduce the beauty advisors to people who will find it easy to become personal friends with the beauty advisors.   


The technology we develop can be fine-tuned to benefit Avroy Shlain… It is possible for us to introduce the beauty advisor to people within the same age category, and furthermore to people with the same language preference.

The Enjoy Life phone app is an app about people…. We ask phone users to list their preferred language and we will even introduce the phone user to a person who will communicate with the phone user in his/her language.

The Homecare team will just before we launch the app, employ people who can communicate om all the 11 languages in South Africa:

  1. English

  2. Afrikaans

  3. Zulu

  4. Xhosa

  5. Southern Sotho

  6. Tswana

  7. Northern Sotho

  8. Venda

  9. Tsonga

  10. Swati

  11. Ndebele

Photos of these Homecare contact persons will also e used in communication with phone users. We will often use these people to send messages to phone users when we for example want to congratulate an Ambassador on his/her birthday.

We will ask phone users to register their birthdays so that restaurants can send them vouchers on these dates.

We can therefor work on a more efficient method of helping all the companies in our network.

The most important point that we want to make on this page is that it will be possible to position Beauty Advisors better.

The manager might for example have 30 beauty advisors working in a geographical area. Each beauty advisor will be linked to a resident in roughly the same age category, and more importantly with the same language preference.

It will be easier for the public to become personal friends of the beauty advisors. When advisors can talk about more than beauty products, and communicate about other interests, sales will increase.

It will be easier for the beauty advisors to persuade residents that might at the moment be loyal to Avon, to start using Avroy Shlain products.

At this point, we want to explain that just before we open the Enjoy Life phone app on the different platforms for the public to download, we will first allow beauty advisors to list their clients on a platform. We will then invite the clients on behalf of the advisors so that the existing relationships can be protected and even strengthened.  


The Homecare team can even assist Beauty Advisors on birthdays of their clients. We can negotiate with restaurateurs and use a portion of our “restaurant fund” budget to buy clients restaurant vouchers on their birthdays. The restaurants will contribute a percentage and the Homecare fund will also share in the cost. We might be able to arrange a R 400 restaurant voucher without the Beauty Advisor contributing anything.


Relationships will be the ultimate weapon that opposition cannot fight against.

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