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Beauty Advisory companies


The Homecare Board invites Avroy Shlain management into a project that will within months benefit the beauty advisors. This website explain how it will be possible to help beauty advisors outsell their opposition. It is a project that will not require capital investment from Avroy Shlain. (Costs is paid by Notable Donators & companies in the food industry.)  

R1.5 million per month will be invested into supporting Avroy Shlain managers  

In this website we explain why the Homecare Board will within 12 months invest such a large amount on a monthly basis to help managers. It is a deal worth R360 million which we will offer to one of the companies in your industry. We later explain our reason for providing Avroy Shlain the first option to investigate the opportunity. 


R3.45 million per month out of our "Bucket List" fund can be utilized to reward the public when they purchase Avroy Shlain products 

We explain under the Enjoy Life Phone app technology how we can reward clients of Beauty Advisors when these clients purchase products. We gear-up to manage a "reward programme" in partnership with restaurants and fast-food businesses. 500 Phone users per month will receive between R2 000 and R80 000 to tick off items on their "Bucket Lists" The Homecare Board allocate 5% of turn-over to help fund bucket lists of Enjoy Life phone app users. The R3.45 Million forecast is based on our minimum business target. We believe that we can eventually spend up to R10 million per month to help people "Enjoy Life"!

R8 million per month will be invested into unique "media strategies" to ensure that the Enjoy Life phone app will be used by millions. 

The investment into media will contribute to a business strategy where the Beauty Advisors will be advertised with their individual photos and contact details on the phones of residents in geographical areas where the advisors sell products. The individual exposure will contribute to additional sales.

What's the catch?

We only ask managers & beauty advisors to purchase a percentage of their personal groceries via Gift Cards. It is NOT "Online Shopping". People still purchase groceries in stores. We only ask them NOT to pay their groceries with cash, debit or credit cards.. 

They still use their Smart Shopper cards and get all the discounts & benefits, In fact, staff can get up to R1 000 additional groceries without paying for it. They only use a gift-card to pay their own groceries....

Pick n Pay You-Rock.jpg

Important information

There is important detail for management to it will be possible to help one group increase at least 15% in turn-over, while companies in general prepare for a "recession".


You will soon understand why the Homecare Board decided to approach Avroy Shlain. You will also understand that there is definitely benefits for Homecare Foundation to partner with one of the companies in the beauty industry. These 3 "Introduction" points alone cannot convey all the important information.

We explain to the property principals (Owners of estate agencies) how the internet and companies such as Property 24, or Private Seller, had a negative impact on their businesses. How outside factors influenced their business risks.


If you can just think how Facebook changed the world… We also have to explain to management in Beauty Companies how a project that we already have been working on for years, will have in impact on the way Beauty Advisors can sell their products to clients.. 

The Homecare team takes on one of the most challenging projects ever… that is to help the poor  and to look after the most vulnerable people (People in full frail care). We have to be aggressive in our approach and we decided that we will invite one company in your industry and help them. We will provide technology that direct opposition will not have access to. It will in our view be impossible for direct opposition to follow the same path. 

We can furthermore extend our support to the neighboring countries where Shoprite, Checkers, USave, Pick n Pay, Spar operates.  

Our business strategy in general is to be impartial towards companies. It will only be 105 property branches and one group within the Beauty industry that will be supported differently to ensure that we can help bedridden patients.

South African challenges


The previous political regime in South Africa created unique challenges for businesses and for the South African public, especially the poor.


We believe that the political environment will change within months. It will however take years for the economy to recover.


The Homecare team is working on solutions to assist the poor. It is actually possible to help relieve poverty and simultaneously help selected companies increase business.    


It is not possible for any company or media platform to help all the companies in a specific business sector to increase market share. It is only possible to help all the companies reduce media costs, but if you want to increase market share, saving on media cost alone, will not be sufficient.


Opportunities often arise as a result of actions from other companies. The Steinhoff problem had a negative impact on Shoprite which eventually created an opportunity for Avroy Shlain.

The Homecare Board was preparing to launch our Wage Payment Software platform to help wage earners get access to additional groceries without receiving a salary/wage increase.


Domestic workers (on minimum wage structure) will in future receive +- R180 additional groceries without a wage increase. (We convey 4% of the 5% discount we receive from food companies to wage earners when we help food companies to reduce cash handling fees)


The Shoprite group changed their discount structures after the Steinhoff dilemma. They now offer 5% discount when we order digital vouchers to the value of R1 million. Their initial structure was the same as Pick n Pay with a 5% discount on a R50 000 order.


We know that the bulk of the lower income South Africans purchase groceries form Shoprite and USave branches. (All part of the Shoprite Group). We cannot request the poor to purchase their groceries from Pick n Pay or Spar or any food company that is not convenient to them. (We partner with all the food companies in SA to provide services to the poor)


The R1 million order for Shoprite group is actually nothing when we look at the Homecare project. The wage earners working in the tourism & hospitality industry which employ more than 650 000 people alone will order + R500 million per month.


The software we develop will be available to numerous companies in the manufacturing industry, farmers, even housewives employing gardeners and domestic workers. It is not only the guesthouses and lodges who will use the software.


We actually predict to support more than 4.5 million South Africans. There are more than 17 million SASSA grant receivers. There will be no shortage with numbers to support via the Wage Payment Software platform if you assist the poor.


It would have been easier to launch and support the poor if we only needed to purchase vouchers for the wage earner’s phones while R50 000 per order was the initial target. The problem is that the Homecare team cannot support a single wage earner if we cannot commit to him/her that he/she will receive 4% additional groceries… When we launch the commercial website, we need to be in a position where we manage + R2.5 million of buying power.


To overcome this challenge, the Homecare Board decided to invite 105 property principals strategically positioned across South Africa to become our “Ambassadors”. The principals and their agents participate in the “pre-launch” phase and their combined buying power will help to launch the Wage Payment Software platform needed to support the wage-earners.

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