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Beauty Advisory companies


We want to discuss the requirements in 3 sections.

  1. Why the Homecare team is working on this important project

  2. Why we believe it will almost be impossible for opposition beauty advisors to catch-up

  3. What we want to negotiate with management, managers and beauty advisors

We still need to meet with key role players in Avroy Shlain. Although we already discussed the project with Tanya van Vuuren (Beauty Advisor), Anneline Scott (Manager) and Nicolene Herholdt (AD manager) we still need to talk to other persons as well.

We think that it will be important to meet with Elsabe Nel and later with Kobus Minnaar. The Homecare Board will first offer Avroy Shlain the option to look into a possible partnership before we approach Avon or another group.

Why Homecare Board work on this important project

Most of our Board Members and Notable Donators have family who are diagnosed with Motor Neuron diseases. Our Chairman’s brother (Johan van Vuuren) were diagnosed in 2008 with Multiple Sclerosis. In 2011, the team started with software development to fund patients with MS.

Johan unfortunately passed on in July 2018. It was a devastating period for Pieter and the others, especially during the last years while Johan was relying on full-frail care support.

This project was never about Johan, although we worked toward supporting him financially. We just don’t believe that Johan suffered unnecessarily. He was the person that initiated the development of software for people in frail care.

Joost van der Westhuizen brought Motor Neuron into the public’s attention. He was an ambassador that helped in a way. The reality is that after he passed on, the awareness faded.

Our intention is never to create Media attention about the people or the disease. People with motor neuron diseases prefer to be left alone… We will only use media based on “Enjoying Life”… That will be the only way to generate income for patients.

It is only management teams of companies we invite as “strategic partners” that we believe must be willing to share in our mission for whom we will publish this page.

We can however help the caretakers of these patients. There are numerous families that struggle financially to look after these patients…. We need to help.

Frail care is not only about helping older people or people between 20 and 60… There are also children that needs financial support. One of the children in our project is Hanno Fourie.

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