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Beauty Advisory companies

It will be difficult to catch-up


It is also important to publish our view on this point.


The Homecare team has been working for years to prepare for this project. We have extensive knowledge about software development, and furthermore knowledge needed to help other strategic partners such as property companies.

This project relies on our ability to convince people in different industries to share in our mission.

We however need technology to manage this important project. We engage with businesses in other industries, which will contribute to the fact that opposition of our Beauty Advisory companies will find it difficult to catch-up.


We develop technology that help businesses in the tourism and entertainment industries to reduce their marketing costs, and to help them with staff relationships.


It is not only the technology that plays a role… it is the reason why we do it  that will also make it difficult for opposition.


It will also be difficult for opposition companies to find management within a Non-Profit structure that will be willing to use their funds to help the opposition companies with media and other reward systems... It is a unique project that we set-up and it is our board's opinion to put a value on such a partnership.


Avroy Shlain has an asset, which we do not have. Avroy Shlain has a large network of employees and beauty advisors (People that can be approached via Avroy Shlain infrastructure). We need to work with a larger volume or South Africans that purchase groceries. We therefore need to plan a support strategy that will benefit both.  

One Beauty Advisory company will within 3 to 4 months be in a position to inform South Africans that they played an important role in helping the poor and vulnerable.

If we engage the “Wage Industry”, we take out the largest group of South Africans that people can target.

If we complete our process to assist the tourism industry, we make it impossible for opposition to follow this path. If we help a restaurateur with 3 services… and it cost them nothing, WHY will the restaurateur listen to the next group whop approach them with free media and the other services…

If we link the theme “Enjoy Life” to one company, how will the rest of the Beauty Advisory companies be able to broadcast such a message?

We are ahead in the race to help wage-earners and to assist the other projects… we intend to remain in front.

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