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Hanno Fourie


Hanno Fourie is just one example where parents are trapped in a position where they need to rely on the Homecare Foundation’s support. There are many cases where people cannot approach government.

Hanno was diagnosed in infancy with Spinal muscular atrophy Type 1. This means that he has profound muscle weakness of all his muscle groups as the messages that has to travel between his brain and spinal cord to his muscles are not being relayed by the anterior horn cell. As such he is unable to breathe or eat on his own. He requires 24/7 ventilation through a tracheostomy (small tube in his neck that is connected to his windpipe) with a ventilator. He feeds through a small tube in his stomach. Hanno is unable to sit or even turn by himself which means that he is 100% dependent on his carers for all his needs. Despite all of this Hanno is completely awake, alert and very bright. His cognition is completely normal. He has developed very good speech over the last 18 months and communicates very well.

Most important focus point

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

One of the last focus points we don not publish on the website is to help church leaders visit bedridden patients.


Although this focus point will be supported last, it is in our view the most important.


Caretakers are required to list the names of the preachers who are in contact with bedridden patients when they apply for financial support. We inform caretakers that we will notify the church leaders about our plan to help financially. It might be that the church can also help with smaller contributions.


There might be patients who have no contact with preachers. We will then ask one of our preachers on our platform to visit the caretakers who left this field open on their application documents.  There might be patients who have no personal relationship with Jesus. This way bedridden patients can be reached.  

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