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Child Protection Organizations

Distribution of funds


Funds will be shared in three blocks. We implement support strategies to help child protection branches situated in areas where their own communities are poor. We have to address all the previous problems child protection organizations had faced, even the issue mentioned by “Brown” management teams that “white business owners” do not want to help them.


We are going to use R97 million as an example. Please note that the distribution of funds will be on a monthly basis published on websites and all the partnering branches will have access to the data.


Management teams will be able to track our progress. We will on a monthly basis grow the available funds. We are confident that it could take us less than 12 months after we launched software to reach the R97 million target.

The wage payment software and the software platform to support churches will definitely propel this project.

We hope and pray that the Department of Social Welfare will always upkeep their financial contributions. We believe they will…. We are confident that we will in future be able to secure enough funds if they decide to reduce their contributions.

Our first objective is to help management teams so that they can increase salaries of their employees. We will be grateful if your social workers can earn equal as government employees. We believe that it will be possible if we work as a team towards our financial targets.

We divided the country into 63 blocks (regions). The funds raised will be shared into blocks. Branches in a geographical block will receive funding based on their support during the pre-launch phase.

We decided that the different “head office” teams should also receive financial support. We know that the groups differ in sizes etc… Taking everything into consideration, we were able to structure a business plan where every team has an equal opportunity to secure a large amount of funding via our technology and business partners. Head offices will share in 10% of the funds we raise for child protection. We hope that the head office teams will use their surplus funds to help their branches in need (branches that might have slipped up during the pre-launch phase)

We furthermore decided to put 10% of the funds into a “general relieve fund”, meaning that we will use those funds to help fund additional projects in child protection branches if needed.  

There might for example be a branch in Paarl who joined the project, and who are suddenly under financial pressure, due to unforeseen expenses. The branch will be able to send in additional requests and our board will evaluate those requests.

The government will remain child protection branches’ main partners. The Homecare Foundation might become the second strategic partner. It all depends on how effective groups are supporting us during the pre-launch phase.

The Homecare team will not provide funds to the Government’s child protection teams. We understand that they are also doing fundraising activities and are in fact competing for funds from local companies.

Fortunately, the Government cannot force us to fund any organization. Our main focus remains to fund caretakers of bedridden patients. It is up to our board to help organizations we decide to help…

To summarize, R97 million less R9.7 million for “head offices” less R9.7 million for “general relieve fund” = R77.6 million that will be available for child protection branches.

We divided the country into 63 blocks and we furthermore categorized the blocks into 3 sections.

  • Category A: Larger cities and towns, where there is more income per person (public) and also, we believe a larger number of social workers and offices

  • Category B: Reasonable size towns in a larger geographical area, where income per person (public) is not that high. There are more people residing in an area than in Category C towns.

  • Category C: This is larger geographical areas where towns are far apart, and the communities are poorer. We believe that child protection branches in these areas are struggling to raise funds to provide much needed services.

The last part of our support plan is to share the R77.6 million as follow:

  • Category A = 45% of the R77.6 million = R34 920 000

  • Category B = 30% of the R77.6 million = R23 280 000

  • Category C = 25% of the R77.6 million = R19 400 000

There are 21 geographical areas per Category. Branches in a geographical area will earn points during the pre-launch phase and will share finances according to the point structures.

This fund distribution model enables us to secure R42 680 000 per month for towns in country side geographical areas. We believe this should be sufficient funding to help smaller child protection branches who find it difficult to secure financial support out of their own communities.

The head office teams, and the branches will all be receiving financial support, based on support we receive from the individuals working at those companies. It is possible to receive large amounts, most likely up to R330 000 per month, if the entire team inside a branch support our pre-launch campaign.

Please select Head Office or Branch if you want to know how funds will be distributed. It is important to understand how the point system will influence financial contributions.

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