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Child Protection Organizations

Head Office


There might be 10 head offices that will join our project. To be fair we decided to allocate funds based on the support we receive from the different head office teams.


We developed this content web-pages where different persons within an organization can receive the Log in passwords and read the entire project plan.


We understand that it takes time for people to read information. The CEO who is serious to secure a sustainable income platform for his/her organization, will phone each person required and ask them to read this website. The CEO can also write an e-mail that summarize this project and just ask the parties involved to join the project.

We publish a lot of information so that people will have the opportunity to make informed decisions.


We know that our support plan is based on a reasonable request… People only need to support the pre-launch project. There is nobody involved in any organization who do not purchase groceries. There will never be a more reasonable request to ask head office teams that they should support the pre-launch project.


Remember, the personnel will be able to purchase groceries from the food stores they prefer. They only need to order digital vouchers and use that when they buy groceries. This is a request from the Homecare Board. We ask this so that we can secure enough funding to pay the expensive development period required to help child protection branches.


There is unfortunately no IT company that will take on such a huge project without asking organizations for large financial commitments… We enable the CEO to provide a solution to his/her branches, without requiring them to make unreasonable financial commitments.


We also understand that larger groups will need a bigger portion of our financial support. We therefore need to structure our support plan in such a way, that larger groups can receive a larger percentage of the financial contributions. This being said, the smaller groups can also in relation receive larger amounts, if they are more pro-active in our pre-launch campaign.


The CEO of the “head office” can be in control of what percentage of “head office funds” will eventually end-up at their group. The CEO can also convince the branches to put in effort so that the branches receive a larger cut of the available funds in the regions.


We also know it will be much quicker for a CEO of a small group to communicate to all the parties involved than for a CEO of a group with a large number of branches.


We therefore developed a point system to reward groups who join the project. This point system is in our view the only way to be fair towards all the groups.


The point system is based on speed and financial support. The Homecare team can complete the development required over a shorter period if the head office teams are immediately involved. The development time can be reduced with up to 3 months, depending on the time-frame in which head office teams help us.


Remember, that this project will be completed, even if we only support one group. It might take 4 months longer to complete, but our commitment to help the Child Welfare and ACVV branches who already joined the project will be fulfilled.


It is to everybody’s advantage if the Homecare team can implement the required software within a shorter period. There are branches that we know of, who are considering closing their offices due to lack of finances.


We understand that a head office can only start the process to communicate with branches after the CEO at least had the opportunity to meet with our Chairman. The project therefore has to work out points, similar as what the duckworth lewis method is that is used in cricket matches when it rains.


The Homecare board will focus on meetings with larger child protection groups first. This will help larger organizations to earn points before the smaller groups.


A CEO with less time before the phone technology is launched should in theory receive the same opportunities to secure financial support for his/her team. We therefore use an “Invitation acceptance date” in our software structure to calculate the points.


The main focus is to use this website and internet communication to get all the branches involved within a short period. We understand that the branches will have to make their own decisions, and that the CEO can only ask them to join the project.


The points that a CEO earn is based on the amount that the group (including head office team) has spent on digital vouchers to purchase their own groceries during the pre-launch phase.

The Homecare team developed the software in such a manner, that the CEO and the different branches can invite other business associates to also participate in the Pre-launch project. Funds generated out of the Pre-launch campaign is also shared with child protection branches. It is therefore important to immediately implement the project to help branches secure additional cash-flow. The head office will also receive 2.5% of the amount spent by business associates (linked to the head-office) on their own digital vouchers.

The sharing of funds out of digital vouchers is only applicable on grocery spending from people that are not directly working for the child protection branches, or who are not board members. The Homecare team rely on the full discounts on those funds to pay software development.

We publish an example where three groups are involved. In this example we explain how a small group that accepted the invitation later than the other groups were able to secure in proportion a larger percentage of Head Office funds.

In this example, the CEO of Group 2, although he/she was invited a bit later and accepted the invitation later than Group 1, were able to arrange better support from the group.


Group 2 is smaller than Group 1. The group’s members however invited more business associates to help the group.


If the team in group 2 had invested the same effort as group 1, meaning that each employee only invited one friend to support, the points, thus percentage fee split, would have been as follow:

In this example, R9.7 million will be shared amongst 3 Head Office teams. We know that it will be possible for a Head Office team to secure more than R3 million if the team is actively involved. This will be possible if we support up to 10 Head Office teams. We know that although every team has a fair opportunity, it will most likely be driven by one “active” Head Office team. We will at the end of the website explain how we can in future increase the targets, and a Head Office team will then definitely exceed the R3 million per month target.

This point system is a fair reward method. The CEO who can ask his/her entire group the best to participate in the pre-launch campaign will be rewarded the most.


The CEO will also help the Homecare team to reduce the development period. This will help save child protection branches under distress. It is important to help child protection branches that consider closing their doors to remain open.


It will help the Department of Social Development if Non-governmental child protection organizations stay involved in our economy… It will help children who needs protection… It will help if everybody now jumps in to create a brighter future for child protection organizations.

Funds during pre-launch


The Head Office can also within 6 weeks after joining this project receive + R21 000 per month out of the digital voucher project. Our aim is to immediately help branches and head office teams. We do not need to wait for the phone app to be available.

We work on a buddy system. If each board member, and each personnel member only ask 5 friends or family members to please register, then the office can secure large amounts. We publish an example where a team of 15 people (including board members) work as a team.


The management team can also approach existing business partners for example the Auditors of the company. It is possible to approach at least 10 businesses, who had in the past, or who is currently helping the branch with donations. You will later view a draft-mail with a password that can be used for invitations.


The people are asked a “reasonable” request. Please support the pre-launch project. Buy your own groceries via digital vouchers… Nobody will be required to support a food company he/she does not prefer. 

We know that a large number of people will immediately respond to the request. We explain to people that their actions will not only help child protection organizations but will also help bedridden patients and it will help thousands of domestic workers to receive additional groceries after the project launch. Their little effort will change the destiny of THOUSANDS!

A personnel member can therefore ask friends and family residing anywhere in SA.  We estimate that the grocery bill for a family of 4 is about R8 000 per month. This includes basic essential foods, toiletries, as well as household cleaning detergents.


We are using R5 500 as an average grocery bill for planning purposes. The following example explain how a reasonable amount can be generated with immediate effect if the team work as a group.

Launch and closing of point system.


The Homecare Board will notify all the head office teams when we will be ready for launch. This project can be compared to playing a cricket match. Your team is batting and the team do not know how the other teams are doing. The scorecards will be revealed a week before we close the software.


The points earned will be the points used for future support. It is important to read how we will focus on increasing the funds if we need to raise additional funds to help child protection branches.


We also explain ‘The way Forward” if you are considering to join the project.

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