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Child Protection Organizations

The way forward

Eventually we reach the end of a long website… We guess a thank you for reading this far will be the correct thing to say!

Please note that the Homecare team has numerous other tasks (above from software development) on hand to prepare for the launch.

We need to invite property companies and financial advisors positioned across South Africa to become Homecare ambassadors. (The process already started.) These people will be involved in the last months when we launch the Enjoy Life phone app.

Property partners

The property partners play a critical role in the project. We invite estate agents to become “Ambassadors”. We offer them Enjoy Life app media support and our objective is to help these partners increase their market share.


The main focus it to help them secure more listing mandates so that we can reduce their business risks. These partners will also receive the most expensive software platform ever developed to help agents outsell the other property companies in their area.


There is no IT company that provides support to property companies who are willing to develop software that will help only a small number of agents. All the IT companies participating in the property industry has a goal to get as many property clients as possible on their software platforms. Companies such as “Property 24” etc.


Our task is to reward these business partners with strategies that will help them earn more income out of their daily tasks. We require an agent to host one smaller fundraising event every three months. We provide them phone app technology to assist them with these tasks.


The biggest reward for their time will be to ensure that they sell more properties.

Financial advisors

The Homecare team knows people in different groups. We investigate the option to either go with the entire PSG group, or with Sanlam Bluestars. We will update child protection teams on our strategy. It might be that we open the invitations to all the different groups. We know that only a percentage of financial advisors will be willing to host fundraising events (similar as to estate agents). The financial advisors also take in the role of “Ambassadors”. They will also help during the role out phase of the project.

What do we want in return from child protection branches?


The Homecare team initially wanted to ask Social workers to visit caretakers who receive financial support from the project. We later altered our business plan and we will in future ask volunteers to visit caretakers.

We already had meetings with church leaders. The church leaders also said that they will be willing to visit caretakers. 

The Enjoy Life phone app will only release funds towards a caretaker if a volunteer confirmed that the patient is still alive. We need this project to be efficient if we are to ask for financial support from abroad.


The Homecare board decided to alter the software and help child protection branches so that we can have local representatives in towns. We program a web-based platform where caretakers can upload their medical reports of the patients, and their financial application forms.


There might be a small number of caretakers who will need assistance. We decided that we will then ask the admin personnel at the child protection branches to please help a caretaker who struggle to register on the Homecare platform. The website will direct the caretaker to the nearest child protection branch in partnership. (We will also ask the property company to help the caretaker if we do not have a child protection partner in a specific area)

Closing Statement


We want to close this website with a statement. It is truly astonishing to think that God is still alive… still involved… never late… always on time!

Readers should know that this important work we undertake to do, where we want to prevent child protection branches from closing doors, was not a thing that a few years ago we planned to do.

It started off with a small project, where a team of people wanted to develop software just to support one person with Motor Neuron disease… God however knew that the team working on that project will be willing to go the extra mile… None of us knew exactly what God wanted from us. To tell readers the truth, we would not have taken on this task if the entire project plan was revealed at once.


We do not think any IT group will be able just to plan the complete software structure, if it was immediately required to build a business plan, where numerous companies across different industries can benefit out of one software infrastructure…


Readers should also understand that we do not think it will be possible to duplicate this software structure. If any IT group would decide to build a software plan that can benefit for example the motor companies, the property companies, the insurance companies, the restaurants, the accommodation companies… the group will most likely invite role players within the different industries into the planning phase.


The following dilemma will be faced… Each person representing a sector will want the most out of the combined software structure… The challenge is to know exactly what percentage of the software structure should be allocated to which industry… There are numerous technical things to consider. It includes the planning on data hosting, which servers must process what functions, data security... It is actually a huge task to be able to benefit parties so that they will use the single software platform.


This project started 20 years ago… it was then that our Chairman got involved in the IT industry. During the 20 years, he was IT wise involved in all the different industries. It is the knowledge of one person that can better plan the combined software structure…


This being said, our chairman never said that the project has been created by his own doing… It is, and was always about God. Our chairman says that God saved his live numerous times so that God can use him to help build one software structure. This software structure will one day be left behind and it will forever provide to the most vulnerable people in our country.


In our view, it is only God that can build phone technology and provide a business plan to help even SASSA beneficiaries. (Readers must know that it is only a matter of time, then we will complete that task.)


It is only God that can secure business plans that rely on the poor to raise more than R300 million per month. We decided not to start the website with a statement that we will help raise R300 million per month. Readers would not have believed that statement. Now, that the entire project plan and the future plans have been revealed, we can make this statement… It is not an unreasonable statement… Nothing that God want is unreasonable.


It is only God that can provide a business plan where we use the positive in life… where we focus with a large number of people on Enjoying Life, so that we can support the people who are most likely finding it unbearable to be alive…


It is only God that can use things such as media, food, beverages etc. to raise funds via one infrastructure… It is only God that can instruct an IT team to develop software that will help churches invite guests… IT IS ONLY GOD….  

The Question now that we put to readers is… Are you willing to accept our invitation…?


Child protection management teams can accept or decline our invitation. All we ask is that management e-mail (Chairman) with the final decision. The mails will be kept for record keeping. We use the acceptance mail in the point allocation system if applicable.

Thank you for spending your valuable time on this website!

May God Bless!    

If you accept our invitation, you are welcome to read what the next steps will be and how you can secure a large number of points.

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