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Fundraising strategies

Homecare Foundation re-invest a percentage of funds raised into projects to help secure a constant growth in funds

4% of funding towards restaurant deals 

We explain this important action plan in detail. The Enjoy Life app’s success depend on our ability to offer items that people want at such low rates, that they will download the Free app.


The app is developed with a function where you can get access to great deals, if you are quick enough to book the exceptional deals. There will always be one or two items at extreme reduced rates and more items at normal reduced rates.

If the app user was fast enough to book one exceptional deal, the phone app will automatically keep exceptional great deals away for a month to allow other app users also a chance to great deals. The app user will still be able to book good deals during that month.

We decided to invite 105 restaurants strategically positioned in our country to form the basis of our restaurant strategy. We need at least one restaurant per catchment area to make this project a success. The Homecare Ambassadors are tasked to invite 1 restaurant in their areas into the partnership. The technology will thereafter invite more restaurants. All the restaurants nationally will have access to the Enjoy Life phone app, and we will provide free marketing support to all. (We only negotiate the gross profit on the first drink a client ordered if the client is willing to rate the services they experienced. There will be people who use the app without the intention to rate services… we know this, and it does not matter. We help restaurants with all their marketing projects.)

We know that people tend to follow others. If we have the best restaurant on board in the area, the other restaurants will immediately follow… We explain to restaurateurs that we need to use a separate Homecare team that work closely with them to help plan how the 4% (up to R5,8 million per month) could be best invested to benefit both parties. Restaurants are usually fully booked on Friday and Saturday nights, so we need to use the available funds to draw clients perhaps for Sunday nights or nights during the week.

The 105 Restaurateurs will also be supported on a different level than the rest of the restaurants in the country. We will use 25% of our Restaurant Support budget to help the 105 restaurants. The balance will be shared into other restaurants.

We develop technology to help restaurateurs. It is possible to help the restaurateurs, even if we start with no marketing budget. We will however allocate a percentage of turnover into the Restaurant Fund and will thus systematically increase business.


Phone app development specifically aimed to benefit restaurant partners

The software help restaurateurs to plan media effectively towards people residing in the catchment area (residents), towards foreigners who entered the catchment area within the last hour and to people (foreigners and South Africans from other towns) who have been in the catchment area for longer than one hour. The restaurateurs even receive breakdowns according to age categories to plan menu specials better. (Read more if you have extra time. It will help when you know how restaurateurs’ benefit, as they also help with the distribution of the app)


Short explanation

Restaurateurs have a huge challenge with regards to using specials for promotions. It is o e thing to plan a special, but it is often costly to market this special.


It is true that Social media can help, but with Social media it is difficult to target a specific audience.


Our solution is to help restaurateur to plan specials and push it only to people he/she wants to target.


It is also possible to use phone technology and to offer different levels of specials. The restaurateur can for example post that the first 2 bookings can by a steak for R20. There are also 10 steaks available for R50. The rest of the steaks on special will be available at 15% discount.


We will always ask restaurateurs to publish a small number of steaks below cost. The technology can mange such an offer. The restaurateur saves on media costs; hence he/she can offer 2 steaks just to get a message to all the phone users n catchment area.


Our business plan however is to also help the restaurateur and we will for example in future buy 2 more steaks which we will fund out of the Restaurant Marketing budget.


We will offer better support to the initial 105 restaurateurs; hence they will benefit more than the others following later.

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4% of funding towards “bucket list” campaigns 

We will support about 500 app users per month when we reach our R5,8 million “Bucket list fund” target to be distributed amongst “bucket list” winners. Our intention is to award small amounts on certain bucket list items that could be as low as R2 000. We will also support selected winners with up to R80 000 to fulfil a “bucket list” item.

Bucket list section that will also help to monitor service that customers experience from staff
The Bucket List section is important to read. Only a percentage of phone users will use this section. We help people to Enjoy Life and this is a practical tool that draw clients towards certain businesses and phone users are rewarded for assisting companies with service ratings. (Read more if you have available/limited time)

We will use a “bucket list team” of 5 employees just to support winners with negotiations. Most of their communication will be with existing business partners that we invite into the project. The Bungee jumping companies and the shark diving companies for example will know that for “bucket list winners” we often need discounts. (We help them free of charge with all their marketing actions)


The winners must always save money to help fulfil an item. We negotiate discount and subsidize a portion of their costs.   


The bucket list campaign will make a positive contribution to all the companies involved and will benefit the bedridden patients tremendously.


6,5% of funding towards fast-food deals 

The Foundation will donate up to R9.4 million into fast-food businesses. Fast-food businesses have a lower cost, compared to restaurants, to provide products.


How loyalty programmes for the restaurant & fast-food industry can be managed on the Enjoy Life phone app
This section explain how Fast-food companies can now reward loyal supporters for the first time via phone app. It is almost impossible to monitor how much spending a specific person has done at fast-food businesses, as people pay with cash and with credit cards. (Read more if you have time)


The Foundation will be able to construct more than 776 713 fast-food deals per month if we have to donate R15 towards meals to help reduce costs for Enjoy Life media campaigns. This will help to ensure that the app remains in usage for years to come. The business owners will also be requested to push 2 or 3 exceptional deals out of their own marketing budgets.


2% of funding towards campaigns aimed at foreigners 

It is really important for us to work with tourists. They will support our restaurant partners and we can better support companies providing unique services such as Bungee Jumping, Shark diving companies etc.


The Foundation will use up to R2,9 million per month to construct deals for tourists. They will receive discount vouchers or even lucky draw prizes where they can use some of these facilities free of charge.


The value of the prizes (combined) will be much more than R2,9 million in cash we will contribute. We negotiate discounts etc… similar as what we do in restaurants.


We believe the best way to raise funds out of tourists is to implement an action plan where we help them to Enjoy their time in South Africa. They will support our patients if they understand that we work hard to earn funds and we prefer not to beg for funds.


5% of funding towards Accommodation costs of foreigners and specials for South Africans

The Homecare Foundation develop a "Gift" structure on the website where users can receive discounts or free nights when they use the booking site. We also need budget to reward Tour Oporators abroad when they suport South Africa. The Homecare Foundation will have access to R7,2 million per month to help subsidize accommodation costs.


4% of funding towards Private Security support

The Homecare Foundation will have access to R5,8 million per month to help pay call-outs when a accommodation client need support. We have to pay CASI a callout fee of R250 when private security os required to support guests. We believe that this fund will eventually be strong enough, as we believe that most peole will donate towards the Homecare Foundaiton after they received support and when they know that funds originally earmarked for bedridden patients was used to support them.

4% of funding towards Groceries for tour operators

The Homecare Foundation will have access to R5,8 million per month to help subsidize groceries for tour operators. The software allocate points to the tour operator for each Facebook friend a client has. Photos posted into social media will help market South Africa and the tour operators. These people are important to help distribute the App to tourists.



8,5% of funding towards our "Ambassadors" representing the Homecare Foundation

The Homecare Board relies on a fairly large group of individuals to represent the Homecare Foundation across South Africa. These people ware the Homecare Ambassador badge which encourage "Word of Mouth" marketing. The Homecare Board decided to re-invest 8,5% of our income into groceries for our Ambassadors.

The Homecare Foundation also partner with 185 business owners in the accommodation industry to represent the Foundaiton as Ambassadors. These people will not receive Ambassador badges. It is only the estate agents in property industry and financial advisors who will receive badges.

Re-Investment into Foreigners versus South Africans

The Homecare project will invest far more money into treating foreigners than what we expect to receive out of these people.


We forecast to invest more than R9 million per month into treating these people and to help subsidize their accommodation. We only expect to hopefully R1 million via donations and R500 000 if they support the App with honest feedback to restaurateurs so that the Foundation can earn the gross profit on one drink.


This may seem to be a poor business decision. The reality is that we need to look after the interest of the top accommodation companies. These people rely on foreigners. It will also help us to buy in support from the Government. They should know that we value growth in our country, and we believe that one of the best strategies is to increase the number of foreigners visiting our country. We take money away from people in frail care, to help other businesses who will benefit indirectly (fuel stations, restaurants, fast-food businesses) when foreigners return to our country.

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