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Fundraising strategies

Extra Grocery Software

The Extra Grocery Software platform is an important tool to secure financial support for bedridden patients and other Social partners.

We believe that it will be possible to support many business owners in the Tourism & Hospitality Industries.  We plan on roughly 65% of the industry. Our partnership with Tourism Info Centres, and the Government (after completion of software development) might enable us to exceed this target.


We will also assist other industries and wage earners in general. (This will be implemented via church organizations)


We have to plan our project with a Minimum we believe will be achievable, plus an estimate support structure we are working towards.


Our Goal


The Homecare Board is confident in the goal we set ourselves. We will also get support on the platform from higher LSM persons.


The Extra Grocery Software platform integrates with our other software structures we develop. The Enjoy Life phone app for example, is a Media app that will support business owners who offer products that we can categorize as organizations that help a person to Enjoy Life.


There is a huge list of companies that will in future use the platform to help their own businesses. Just to mention some of these businesses:

  • Beauty Salons

  • Book shops

  • Boutique Clothing Stores

  • Butcheries

  • Day Spa’s

  • Fast-Food businesses

  • Gun shops (Hunting Industry)

  • Hair Salons

  • Music Shops

  • Restaurants

  • Toy stores

  • Video Shops


There are many companies that sell products which help people to Enjoy Life. It could be products needed for your hobby/sport or it could be companies selling products and services that makes you feel good about yourself.

We include Butcheries in the example. Butcheries will be able to “Push” specials towards residents’ phones. People buy meat for the braai etcetera.

We will give High LSM persons 3,5% additional groceries. The Software calculate how much Grocery support we receive per business owner in each business category. The software will then push media percentage wise to residents in the area’s phones. If one Butcher support us with a larger number of personal grocery spending than the other, this business owner will receive better media coverage.


Companies will in future not pay for advertisements. We are working towards phone media and businesses will save money, plus increase business.


We believe that our business plan to provide free media for business owners, plus our support to help people in their communities will buy us a lot of support out of South Africans.


The following target is reachable
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