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Fundraising strategies

Homecare Foundation implement the project in phases

This is an important section to discuss. We work on one of the largest IT projects ever designed to make a difference for people under enormous financial pressure.


This include caretakers of bedridden patients, staff working with abused children, and the huge number of people barely earning enough income to feed their families.


We cannot afford to make any mistakes in this project.  We even need to plan how we will support companies and staff on the Extra Grocery Software platform.

Phase 1


Our first task is to invite the property network onto the platform. These people will buy enough groceries to help us reach the R2,05 million targets in order to reach the full discount fees between Pick n Pay, Spar. Checkers. Shoprite & USave.


This will enable us to immediately support wage earners with the 5% discount plan where 4% is loaded onto their cards and 1% remains for the Homecare Board to use in projects.


We also invite guesthouse owners strategically positioned across South Africa to represent the Homecare Foundation as Ambassadors.


Phase 2


We complete extensive tests of the software being developed where we ask property companies and the accommodation partners to book accommodation at R5 per stay. We need to test cancellations, and other possible scenarios to ensure a well developed booking system without isues before we invite the public.


Phase 3


We will first complete invitations into the hospitality and tourism industries. This include restaurants, fast-food businesses and other companies that interact with tourists.


We will thereafter invite other industries such as the Agricultural Industry, Private Security Industry etc.


The Extra Grocery software will also be available to Domestic workers and we will use media campaigns to notify people who want to assist their staff.


The final phase is to wok via churches to help people in need of additional groceries.


Implementation strategy at low costs


This project can be implemented at a low cost. We do not need a lot of money to get the project up and running.


Our business plan to support estate agents makes it possible to implement software nationally at low costs, will enable us to achieve our goal. The Homecare Board will have more than 740 “Employees” who will be used for a short period. We help these people for the rest of their lives in their own careers, thus we do not need to pay them any fees for their 2 to 3 weeks work over a 6-month period. These people want to interact with restaurateurs, fast-food owners and guest house owners.


Support towards patients and child protection teams.


We do not need a huge amount of money to help bedridden patients and later Social Workers.


The Software structure enable us to immediately provide supporting services. Our commitment towards these people is that we will raise us much money as possible to help them financially. We can immediately help them by allowing them to use the Extra Grocery platform.


The software will immediately allocate 5% additional groceries when a caretaker or a social worker register on the platform. This is additional groceries not possible for these people to find on their own.


The software also enables caretakers to ask family and friends to register on the platform. We can then transfer the 5% of the family member’s groceries onto the card of the caretaker. In short, the software can already benefit the caretaker without us raising R1 from any industry.


We will systematically transfer additional credit onto the gift cards of the caretakers. There is an advanced system which we can provide additional information of on request.


The Homecare team only needs to finalize the property network so that we can support numerous companies and important people for years to come.


Implementation period


It will take us up to 6 months to negotiate partnerships with the Property Principals we believe will represent the Homecare Foundation the best. We hope to be ready for the first group of Accommodation companies by January 2020. These companies will get ready to support us during the pilot period where we test the different software platforms.

June 2020 to August 2020

This will be the period that we grow the Accommodation network. The property network will visit and invite other guest house owners.

During this period, the Accommodation companies will upload all their photos to prepare for the launch of the booking site.

October 2020

We will launch the Accommodation booking site in media. We hope to launch with approximately 60% of accommodation companies nationally.

December 2020

We launch the Enjoy Life - South Africa phone app. This app interlink with the Accommodation Booking site, the restaurant booking site and with the Extra-Grocery Platform.

Benefits for Food companies

We close this section with this information.

The Homecare project will be the best support any Food Supplying company can ask for. We will help these companies save huge costs to banking money upfront before they even sell one product.


This is not the only benefit… The Homecare project will also bring in additional revenue which will all end up at the Food Supplying Companies. We should succeed in our business plan to keep revenue inside South Africa when people book accommodation. We will also succeed in our business plan to ask for financial support from Relieve Funds abroad.


We will bring in more than R3,5 BILLION into grocery spending each year. These fees will all end up at our Food Supplying partners.

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