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Fundraising strategies

Business & Leisure Accommodation

We have extensive media strategies that will help us to grow the usage of the Booking Accommodation platform.


We should explain that our strategy to help lower income people buy additional groceries will in our view be critical in positioning the best Booking system ever to help accommodation companies in the SADC Countries.


It is a unique project, where we work on strategies to interact with High LSM Income people, and simultaneously interact with Low Income people.

Readers should know that we worked for years on this project to ensure that we will be able to approach the different categories in the correct manner.

We can only help the “Poor”, if we can make the “Rich” feel valued. Our media towards the “Rich” is to Enjoy Life.


We will also can get the different Governments involved. These people “Enjoy Life” but they need to look after their poor.


We know that Internet Marketing costs will be covered by the Governments. They just need a tool that will assist them. The Homecare team is developing the required technology.


We know that we ned to use tools that other Accommodation Booking Companies do not have… The Extra Grocery Platform is only one of these tools…


We always try to be conservative in our planning, and we therefore publish two scenarios. The one is where we will encourage a small number of Foreigners and a small number of South Africans to book via the technology.


The other is the target we believe we will reach. We will use different media strategies to secure this support.


We just want to point out that Guesthouses who largely support business accommodation will also choose to work on this project.


These Accommodation facilities also rely on a portion of business that is generated from people they do not know personally. It is true that some of these guest houses have a fixed client base (Companies they dealt with over a long period). Most of these companies book their personnel accommodation directly, thus exclude companies such as or Lekkeslaap.


Although they have a fixed client base, the companies still require support from other business people who travel. Our business model is to help these business owners so that they can pay their staff more, without salary increases. Staff is critical to them, and service delivery is also important.


These companies will rather go onto a booking platform that dos not ask them fixed monthly fees and who have access to Governmental clients.


These business owners cannot on their own support their staff with additional groceries. We position Homecare Ambassadors who will visit these business owners nationally. The Ambassadors will introduce the booking systems and explain the benefits of helping the staff.


We did some surveys. This project will benefit the company more financially when these business owners arrange with their existing clients to book via the platform we will provide. The business owners receive a portion of the booking fee back for personal usage, and the amount spend on staff (Out of booking fees) is far below than what the business owner will have to pay if he/she wants to purchase additional groceries for staff.


If you consider that the business owner will have access to additional client bases that is for now not open to them, we believe that at least 65% of these business owners will join this booking platform.


Communication towards people who used the accommodation booking site

We believe that our communication structure will contribute to our success. Booking companies in general do e-mail campaigns about possible accommodation opportunities.


We will also implement this plan, but there is one communication plan that we can implement which other companies cannot do. We will on a 3-month basis send a small newsletter via mail to all the people who booked on the website and the newsletter will thank them for their support. We will also publish our results, specifically pertaining to how we were able to help our “Shareholders”, which is the Caretakers of bedridden patients.  We will publish how many families were supported etcetera. This should buy loyalty that other companies will most likely not be able to do.


We have a Minimum plan where we believe that with all our energy, we should support 5% of the foreigners who book into South Africa, plus 15% of South Africans who book accommodation. We are optimistic that during a three-year period that we will support 35% of foreigners and 65% of South Africans.


We will use numerous strategies, which include media, Ambassadors (People doing word of mouth marketing to convince South Africans) to accomplish this goal.

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