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Fundraising strategies

Homecare fundraising team

We know how difficult it is for fundraisers to approach companies and ask them for donations… We predict it will only become more difficult in future.


We are excited about our new president and we are hopeful that corruption will eventually be limited. This being said, the reality is that it will take years for our economy to recover, and most business people will not immediately be able to donate large amounts.


The Homecare team understand this challenge. Our business plan is to employ 15 fundraisers nationally, who will be responsible to help child protection organizations negotiate donation income out of businesses. These fundraisers will work for the Homecare Foundation on a 15% commission scale, and they will be employed by the IT companies who support the software structure. The commission earnings are lower than what NGO’s on average offer to fundraisers who work without a fixed salary.  

Our task is to ensure that the fundraisers are successful. We understand that there is no limit on how much commission a fundraiser may earn if he/she is successful in their attempts. Their combined income will make them well-paid fundraisers.

Our objective is to find people who have the skills to build relationships with business owners. These people are often entrepreneurs involved in their own businesses. Entrepreneurs are often looking for opportunities where they can earn fairly large amounts. What we want to convey is that it is important to use people with skills to support child protection branches. These people will be handpicked and well looked after.

There is a saying… If you want monkeys for a job, offer peanuts as reward… This project cannot rely on inexperienced staff.

The Fundraisers will be involved in many activities. The Enjoy Life app will even be implemented to help them when they plan larger concerts. Similar to as Afrikaans is Groot or Krone.

We are developing platforms that will help our local musicians with their marketing platforms.

We aim to raise on average R1,5 million via our internal teams and the music industry.

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