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Fundraising strategies

Reward loyal supporters

The Enjoy Life app can also be used as a “Loyalty programme”. Business owners will be able to offer for example a Burger when the customer has provided feedback on 50 purchases, or if he had spent more than R500 at the store over a period of time. (It could be monthly or weekly periods; any motivational method can be supported). The app will then be able to forward the customer a voucher to thank him for his loyal support.


There are numerous groups offering loyalty cards to customers. Our objective is not to replace these cards. We develop the system to assist these companies. Often people forget their loyalty cards at home and the phone app will be able to support people in such scenarios. We programmed the phone app with a function where customers can link their loyalty cards of the restaurant or restaurant groups to their phone app. When they forgot their cards, they can still enter for their bucket list and the app will then forward the transaction information to the restaurant’s loyalty card platform.

We explain in the section how the Phone app is programmed for our food-supplying partner more detail on how we can help Spar with their loyalty card programs. We can offer great support!

There are restaurants and fast food businesses that do not have loyalty cards. The Enjoy Life app enables these companies to use such support. It might be that in future the public will prefer that all their loyalty systems be managed via their phone app, as people often complain about carrying all the different loyalty cards.

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