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Phone Media (Buyers/tenants)

Advertise only the available properties (residential, commercial & farms) of the business partners on the Enjoy Life phone app to help find buyers/tenants

The Enjoy Life app will publish all the available listings of the estate agents in partnership to phone users.


People can search for listings similar to what they would do if they visit Private property’s website of Property 24’s website.


The only difference is that we will not publish stock of opposition companies. We need to provide agents the opportunity to inform property owners that the exposure on the phone app is only possible when they allow the “Ambassador” agents a mandate to market their properties.


We will also use “push notifications” to remind residents about the fact that all the agent’s stock can be viewed on their phones. The principal will be able to instruct the software to “Push” a message when they feel that the number of “buyers” the agents work with is not adequate to the stock available for a specific area.


The software will then calculate which phone users to target. We will not push messages when users recently received a notification about a new listing that has been uploaded to help find buyers.


We need to remind readers that we will manage communication to the finest detail. We however need to help our property partners to dominate their marketing areas.

We know that it will take months before the number of properties listed on the Enjoy Life app will be consistent to the number of properties available on for example Property 24. This is mainly because we support one principal and his/her team. It is important to understand that the Enjoy Life app users will not necessary compare the number of properties available to other websites. The app is on their phones and it is convenient to quickly view the properties. The purpose for us to advertise the properties on the Enjoy Life phone app is actually more to convince app users to list their own properties (residential, commercial and farms) once they decide to sell.

It will make sense for the homeowners to phone the “Ambassadors” to help market their properties. Enjoy Life app users will often be updated about how many people we support. Homeowners will think that they want maximum exposure should they decide to sell. They will therefore contact the ambassadors, as this will be the only way for them to arrange exposure on a well-supported phone app.   

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