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Bucket List

The Enjoy Life app will support South Africans with a “Bucket List function”. People can list items they want to do in life. The app users earn points when they support the restaurants, fast-food businesses etcetera.


The App users will also earn points when they book accommodation via the platform. For every R1 they spent, a point is allocated to the phone user.

Our plan is to encourage South Africans to use the Enjoy Life phone app and participate in a type of Lottery competition. We just refer to it as the "Bucket List Competition" where you stand a chance to WIN large amounts that you can use to tick items on your Bucket List.

How will this work?

To earn points, the phone user can support the Fast-Food companies, the restaurants and our strategic partners. Our main aim is to ask phone users to give feedback to business owners by rating their services. Phone users can take a picture of the invoice received from that fast-food company, rate the service and they will earn a point per R1 spent at the company. (The companies donate the gross profit on one drink towards the Homecare Foundation)

On a monthly basis, we will engage phone users to play the "Bucket List Competition". This game will be played on their phones. It will be much more convenient than to go and buy Lotto tickets. Phone users will also participate in the draw themselves. They will feel that they are part of the game and that they actually stand a better chance to win large amounts.

The process will be:

The six largest winners of the previous month will each nominate a number between 1 and 60. The largest winner will nominate first, and the rest will follow in sequence.


The six numbers will therefore be randomly selected, as the people do not know each other. The six numbers will then be published on all the participants phones.


The Enjoy Life app user will receive an entry for every 5 points he/she earned during the previous month. To complete an entry, the phone user will have to play the numbers on his/her phone. Let’s say the 6 numbers in numerical sequence are:


19, 23, 41, 42, 52, 57



The phone user will then start to try and stop the spinning wheel with numbers that should match the winning numbers. He/she will have 6 shots at trying to get the numbers.


This will not be an easy task. We will have numerous spinning wheels and the numbers on the wheels is not in sequence. One wheel might start at 43, then 59, then 1, then 3 etc. The wheel will spin so fast that when you can push the button, that you will not be able to view the numbers on the spinning wheel. It will truly be luck if you are able to press the stop button with wheel number one landing on 19.


The Enjoy Life app user will have multiple times to try and win as many numbers as possible. Every attempt will use 5 credits (Points).


We will allow participants a week to play and the number of winners will be communicated with the Enjoy Life app user.


It will be similar to the Lotto model where people share in the amounts allocated per bracket. If we have 2 phone users who were able to get all six in a row, they will share the top prize.


More detail about Bucket List software


We obviously do not publish all the detail pertaining to the Bucket List Software. We will reveal the entire Bucket List project when we launch the Enjoy Life app. 


We however need to point out some important detail that will give readers a better idea why we develop this function, and what impact it will have on ordinary South Africans


The Enjoy Life app will be installed by millions of South Africans. South Africa has more than 16 million Facebook users and 14 million of these users use their phones to access Facebook.

We cater for all income groups, and with the Bucket List Software, we will obviously ALSO support people who cannot afford hospitality accommodation or properties in areas we appoint "Ambassadors"


Our focus however is to use technology that will have a positive impact on South Africans in general. We need to help the poor by encouraging them to live life with a positive attitude.


We use well-known sport media ambassadors to explain that a Bucket List Item could be something small. It is small steps that help people reach the goals they set in life.


If you for example list that you want to buy shoes for your child that he/she can ware to school, it might happen, because you planned to do it.


If you are able to tick this small item in your “Bucket List”, the software will enable you to share this item that you have just ticket in Social Media.


When you post the photo where you gave your child the shoes into Facebook, the software will track how many friends in Social Media had commented positively (Liked your post) and you will then earn points on these likes. The software will then enable you to use these points to play the "Bucket List Competition" game. You increase your chance to win large amounts to tick larger items just by focusing on the positive, to tick the smaller items.

Sport stars will share this message via video clips on the Enjoy Life app. It will encourage the South Africans to focus on small positive steps, which will then unite the nation.


We even enable "Bucket List Players" to transfer their points to people who they want to bless. There will be people who use the booking site and they will then transfer their points to wage earners who work for them. Our prize money might reach R100 million for the winner. (It all depends on our strategy to grow tourism)


The software is a community building software platform. This is important to know, as the relationships that accommodation companies have with existing clients will be influenced by such software.

Bucket List Fund


The prize money consist of contributions out of numerous industries, including the accommodation industry.


We also enable South Africans to play on the software. Donate funds to enter into the competition platform. (This information is truly confidential). Lotto generate MILLIONS on a monthly basis and they use a support structure that is sometimes inconvenient for South Africans.


We have a solution with phone technology that will in our minds make it easier for South Africans to rather play with their phones instead of supporting the National Lottery system. We will if needed, allow South Africans to donate and play similar as National Lottery. Our cost structure, and feedback on what we do with the funds we generated out of the Bucket List Competitions will enable us to be competitive.


We can allocate a larger percentage of the income into prize money, and with the high number of phone users in South Africa, it could be easy to generate R220 million per month just to add it onto the funds we generate from businesses.


The top price will also role over if not claimed in a month by a winner. Within months, South Africans will play for R100 million prize money. This will draw more people onto the software platform, which will enable the Homecare team to grow tourism much easier. We can allocate additional funds to internet marketing etcettera.

Pre-Launch Competition

The Homecare team uses Pre-Launch software where we load gift cards on behalf of people who purchase their personal groceries from larger retail stores.


This software enables us to raise up to 5% of the person’s grocery spending that we use to help fund the development costs.

The current process unfortunately have a 2 day delay to load money onto cards. We use Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite and Usave for this pre-launch competition. The ExtraGrocery Software we develop will load cards within seconds. The software will only be released after we launched the platform.


We require that agents and staff within the property industry participate in our "Pre-Launch Bucket List competition" where they can win R250 000 to tick of an item on their own Bucket Lists. The individuals are asked to purchase at least R500 per month of their personal groceries via a gift-card, and not to pay these groceries with cash or debit/credit cards. 

Remember this is NOT "Online Shopping". Participants still purchase groceries in stores. We only ask them NOT to pay their groceries with cash, debit or credit cards. 

Our supporters still use their Smart Shopper cards and get all the discounts & benefits. The Homecare team receives 5% of the supporter’s current spending in retail, that we use to fund the development period.

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