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Phone Media (Ambassadors)


The Enjoy Life phone app will be launched just after we completed the implementation of the Extra Grocery Platform and the Booking system.


All the Hospitality, Tourism and restaurant companies must first be positioned on the servers to ensure that when tourists and South Africans download the Enjoy Life/South Africa App, that services can be rendered.


This part of the website explains how we developed a phone app, to help our “Ambassador” agent save money, more importantly save TIME, and also increase income… A difficult task, made possible, purely because the Homecare Foundation need agents as "Ambassadors" to help fund bedridden patients!


It is important to know that there are thousands of phone apps available. The principal has access to additional website pages where he/she can study the development plan and how our Enjoy Life phone app will be marketed.


In short, we will provide services to thousands of companies that can help a person to Enjoy Life. This includes the tourism industry where people go on holiday or visit restaurants etc... It is important to know that none of the companies will pay for media exposure... We help companies to secure business and we raise funds using other methods. 


The app is also specifically developed to help our "Ambassador" partners.


The Homecare team focuses on the following 5 aspects:

  1. Is to inform the phone users that a small group of agents were invited to support the Homecare Foundation and help lure foreigners back for a second/third holiday in order to grow our tourism industry, which fuels other small to medium size businesses in our country.

  2. Is to sell you as an agent, as an ambassador for bedridden patients and child protection services.

  3. Is to convey a message that “Ambassador Agents” can provide the best media exposure for properties. The best media exposure will result in higher offers that agents should be able to secure for homeowners. Any person that is serious about selling/letting will immediately phone the agent that has the best chance to find the highest offers.

  4. Is to ask people within your community to help find buyers/tenants for the newly listed property. This should be done without spending fuel and valuable time to drop pamphlets about the new listing at other property owners situated in the suburb… (An important task which agents now often neglect)

The 4 aspects will ensure that our Ambassador Agent will systematically be the first agent to list a property in your marketing area… 

We will first explain how the app will position agents as “Ambassadors” and we will thereafter explain how the app will help with other important tasks such as securing listings before opposition and help find buyers/tenants for properties.

Advertise agent in community as Homecare Ambassador

The Enjoy Life app will for years to come advertise our “Ambassador” agent’s detail on each person’s cell phone.

When a person downloads the Enjoy Life app, the first setting will be to notify the database the country where the user resides. (This enables the software to determine if the user is a foreigner, thus guest to South Africa, or a resident)


The phone will thereafter play a video clip of a well known Ambassador which will be applicable to the person who installed the app. Devi will for example convey a message to South Africans that she appreciate the fact that “Ambassadors” of the Homecare Foundation are working hard to help create a better South Africa for all.


The App will thereafter ask the phone user to complete his/her personal settings. On the app, we ask detail such as in which suburb the phone user resides (so that we can forward information on great restaurant and fast-food offerings).

We also ask the user to either inform us on his/her birthday date, so that we can ask restaurants to arrange birthday vouchers, and if a person wish, he/she can either indicate in which age bracket they fall (10 year brackets) so that we can forward media messages that will more likely be of his/her interest). We foresee that a large number of app users will be willing to save their birthday dates to receive vouchers…

As soon as the personal settings have been completed, the phone app enables the “Ambassadors” button to be opened. (Note the button is positioned next to the personal settings "My settings" button)

We request agents to mail us photos that will be used on the phone apps. There is enough time to take professional photos. Remember millions will have access to these photos. It is not only the residents of the town the agent work in. A phone user in Middelburg Mpumalanga may for example want to view which agent in Empangeni Kwazulu-Natal is an “Ambassador” The person might want to refer his/her brother in Empangeni to the Empangeni “Ambassador agent” for marketing support.


The phone app will have a huge impact in future regarding listings… One should remember, that the Homecare Foundation position and advertise our agent partners as people who we value.

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