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Accommodation Companies

Group 1:


We negotiate that business owners donate the costs of what a single person who need accommodation for one night will pay.


The Homecare team will focus to secure clients for this group first. Our call centre and our network of businesses will all be involved in the process to ensure that the accommodation companies in group one should at least receive bookings that the business owner will be able to fund the donation towards the Homecare Foundation out of clients we forward.


Businesses in group 1 must be listed in our database when the call centre starts with the media campaign. They must be in a position to immediately support South Africans who need business or leisure accommodation when we receive booking requests.


Marketing support


To ensure that we secure enough bookings, the Homecare team and the different property companies nationally will implement a strategy that will generate enough business. This strategy will on a monthly basis be monitored by the Homecare Board.


The estate agents are tasked to list 10 companies within their marketing areas who they believe will use reps that travel nationally for business, or who they believe will receive guests from other cities/towns for business. They must provide these lists to the property principals (owners of agencies).


The principals and their teams will then contact these businesses and explain to them that they are Ambassadors of the Homecare Foundation and they will ask that newsletters can be mailed from the Homecare team explaining in short why we need business people to back this project. We know that most likely 90% of business owners will appreciate the effort to implement software that can support growth in our economy. (Everybody will gain if we can grow the economy)


So there are two focus points, find companies who employ reps, and find companies who often receive reps.


Our plan is to list the "Key Partners" in the newsletters that we will mail to businesses in your area. Other business owners will then know whom we use as accommodation partners and why we all need to back the "Key Partners".


Business owners should also know that the Homecare team share funds with estate agents. We pay agents out of the software to be "Ambassadors".


The software we developed for them is developed to increase sales, and to help secure income out of projects that is not property related. We reduce their business risks completely. The software we manage can determine exactly how much support we received per agent. Agents receive points for their support and these points will help them on a monthly basis where they compete for huge prizes. An agent can win up to R148 000 in a month if he/she focus on a number of aspects. The top 5 performers will receive huge prizes and the top 50% of agents in our network receive considerable contributions (Up to R12 000 per month) without selling/letting a property.


It might take us less than 3 months to reach all the business owners in the small business sector nationally.


We actually developed "Pre-Launch Software" to help the Call Centre team with the process to support the public and the "Key Partners". We will use automated e-mails and sms systems to communicate with "Key Partners" when we want to arrange accommodation for guests. This will reduce the pressure on the call centre team.

Financial Support:


The Homecare Foundation will also allocate R2 million per month into a fund that will help "Key Partners" to replace linen on a regular basis. The "Key Partners" (262 companies) will share in the R2 million.

To be fair, we developed a point system that will calculate how much each partner donated and the period that the partner has been involved in the “Pre-Launch” phase.

Business owners receive 1 point, for every day, and a point for every R100 donated. The software will then calculate each company’s points, and will according to the points, share the R2 million with "Key Partners".

Each partner’s funds will be kept on an investment account with interest. Business owners can when they need to replace items or upgrade their facilities use the funds allocated to them for that purpose.

We need to be fair towards all the accommodation companies we negotiate with. We have to list companies in a database so that the call centre will be able to support the public immediately.

It could take us up to 4 months to negotiate with companies required for Group 1. We hope to complete this task by 31 January, but with a December in the middle of the negotiation process, February might be used to complete the task.


The companies signing up in November will, therefore, receive a larger percentage of the R2 million fund allocation. The last company to sign up will receive the smallest portion of the R2 million contribution.


The current prediction is that the company with the highest points will receive R19 656,86 per month, and the company with the lowest points will receive R1 909,52. Remember, the days involved plays the largest role. A company that donate R400 per month who sign up now will receive a much larger financial support contract than a company who donates R900 if that company register in January 2020. The current prediction is that the next company to sign up will receive + R18 278 per month.


We acknowledge that this contribution will only be available after we launched the Bucket List software. We also know that it will take a few months before we can do that, because the Bucket List software integrates with the software. Clients receive points to play in the Bucket List competition when they booked via the Enjoy Life app.


Why do we allocate funds for this support plan?

We need to ensure that the accommodation standards provided by guest houses and lodges will be the best. We want to grow tourism, and we need businesses in other sectors to support us. Their staff and clients will end up at the “Key Partners” and foreigners will also visit these "Key Partners"


It is expensive to constantly replace linen etcetera. This partnership where funds out of our Bucket List Software, which is generated out of lower-income people (most lotto players) are used to grow tourism and will be invested into your company is worth Millions. A business owner will need approximately R3 276 710 on an investment account if the interest (6,75% per annum) on that investment is earmarked to cover maintenance costs. That is the amount that opposition guest house owners will need if they want to replace linen on a regular basis.

The ultimate gift that the Homecare Board can give a business owner who registers on our platform is to have a successful business, always booked, without marketing costs, and the ability to maintain such a business with funds not worked for!

It will be the best investment ever, if we as a group support your company. We already gave our commitment that we will source clients so that they indirectly help your company to donate towards this important project. The "Key Partners" will only remain on this platform during the test phase of the software if they receive business out of our arrangement. They will only donate towards the Homecare team when they have finances to support those donations.


We will unfortunately only after we launched our media campaign to be able to determine how many guests per month will be supplied. We set ourselves a target that we should at least enable a business owner to use 10% of the bookings we secured towards the Homecare Project. If we put this project in context, it will be worth to donate the entire fee if only one guest booked per month. It is not possible to save millions over an 8 to 12 month period while we test software. To allocate one guest's fees towards saving funds will be the best business decision ever made.  

Group 2:


The second group "Key Partners" is the group that cannot donate towards the project, but who decides to donate smaller amounts out of clients we refer after the media campaigns have been launched. There might be readers who choose this option. Business owners can become "Key Partners" by donating R100 upwards per month out of successful leads.


We prayed about what will be a fair request for donations, and what will be a fair reward towards the "Key Partner"

We decided to implement the following:

  • The business owner lists the current asking price to host one guest for one night on the Registration form.

  • The business owner then Pledge any percentage of such asking price (The minimum will be 20% in order to ensure that we do not need to talk to too many companies per area)

  • The accommodation company will receive exposure on the landing page based on the percentage pledged. (If company donate 80% of the rate for one night out of clients we booked, the company will receive the best spot 80% of the time that the website is used)



  • The company asks a guest R534 for one night including breakfast.

  • Business owners decide to donate R100 per month out of clients booked towards the Homecare Foundation for shares.

  • This is roughly 18% of the asking price for the guest. The Homecare team will round up the percentage on the software to the nearest 10%

  • The software will issue a certificate to the business owner that we will provide 20% exposure on the screen.

Each business owner can make a decision on how much he/she can afford to donate to this important cause out of business we secure. The minimum though is R100 per month. (There is a lot of support work involved and a lower donation might require us to invite more than 5% per area, which we want to prevent)

The second group will in general consist more of accommodation companies who approach us after February 2020. There will be far more than 5% of the industry who will request our support. We will then based on first come first serve, allow only a small percentage so that we can remain below 5% per area.


The rest of the applicants will be informed that we will notify them after the tests of the software are completed. They can then use the software at a booking fee of 5% on successful bookings.


Financial Support:


The second group will also receive support based on a similar model as Group 1. The only difference is that more companies will share in a smaller budget of R1 million per month.





thank you.jpg


This is most likely the most important project ever embarked on by a Non-Profit Company. The private sector will be the only solution if we want to rectify the problems caused by President Jacob Zuma. If we wait for the Government, it could take years before tourism will recover. We know that President Ceryl Ramaphosa is busy implementing the e-visa processing system project that will hopefully make it easier for foreigners to apply for a Visa to visit South Africa. These are all positive contributions to growing tourism. The challenge remain security... We have to focus on that.


It is important to develop and manage this entire project where the company is a Non-Profit Company without any special alliances with a specific political party.


It will in our opinion be difficult for one company in the Tourism Industry to develop the technology we discussed. We are far ahead in the process.


It may seem unfair to implement a business plan where a smaller group of accommodation companies receive additional support. We started the website with an important statement. There is now not enough business to support all the accommodation companies in South Africa. The economy first needs to recover before all the businesses will survive.


Accommodation and hospitality are crucial focus points if we want foreigners to return, or to recommend South Africa. These companies are the windows to South Africa. Foreigners experience South Africa when they interact with people in these industries. Companies must always be in a financial position to replace equipment on a regular basis.


We will soon ask South Africans to unite behind us, to work as a nation and resolve the tourism challenge. Our “Key Partners” will play an important role in recovering the economy.

It will not make financial sense for one company to develop such advanced technology. Development costs are high and maintaining such software is also costly. Our ability to involve other industries makes this project executable.


This project will have a long-term positive impact on our “Key Partners”.

Thank you for spending time on this website.


Pieter van Vuuren


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