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We publish this section only at the end of the website. We first needed business owners to read about our phone app technology, plus the Social media strategies where we engage even tour guides.


Search engines work on a complexed structure and readers should get more information about this, to understand why, Airbnb, and all the other major booking sites still, and will most likely forever, pay funds towards Google so that they are on top when people search accommodation in an area or country.


Google only make money when people purchase Google Ad Keywords. If you open any website without clicking on a Google Ad website, Google does not make any money.


The service of a Search Engine is to provide internet users access to websites with relevant information to what the internet user is looking for.


For example, an internet user want to find out more detail about Aids. When the person types “Aids” in the search block, the internet servers will within milliseconds go through thousands of servers hosted across the world and search for websites that have the word “Aids” in their structures or on content published by the websites.


The Google Search Engines then needs to rank the different websites in sequence the software think will publish relevant information the internet user is looking for. Nobody has time to read through all the websites in the world. (It took Google 0,92 seconds to work through more than 2 billion websites and mails to determine that will most likely be the best website to read.)


The question is why will be listed on top?  Answer is money...



Internet users that use Google for research purposes know that to click on might waste their time. These companies pay Google so that people can read their content, even if the content is not truly relevant.


How does the Google Search Engines determine that should be the website amongst millions to be listed on top of the ordinary pages?


This is a fairly complicated process. Readers will note that the search engines uses Back Links. The Search Engines work through other websites and calculate how many other websites has a link to this specific website, plus the servers calculate the time that internet users spend on a specific website.


Their software also penalize a website if a user opened the website and closes the website within a short period.


The Google servers try to work out if a person find the content that he/she reads applicable to the website. If this website is refered to by people on other websites, or in e-mails, the Google server think that the public in general think that the website is the best site to spend time on.


The Google servers can also determine how many times a website has been visited, even if the website was opened without going through Google... (Person opened website via web-browser directly)


It is thus much more complicated than just to develop a website with “key words” posted inside your own website. Google cannot take the risk to publish websites that their software do not think is relevant to the internet user's search. If their search engines are publishing irrelevant websites, Opposition search engines might one day dominate the internet.


List of Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines In the World (Updated 2019)

  1. Google

  2. Bing

  3. Yahoo



  6. Baidu

  7. Wolframalpha

  8. DuckDuckGo

  9. Internet Archive


The next question is then, why does, with most likely the largest internet user support still purchase “Google Add Key words”?


The answer is simple.... There are to many booking companies globally who wants to participate in the industry. There is also to many accommodation companies with their own personal websites. might be the most talked about booking site in the internet structure, but other companies willing to pay Google enables Google to make more money by positioning all the “Paid for” websites on top of the pages.


The booking site will after we launched also include a lot of “Back Links” which will be positioned in Social Media such as Facebook, MySpace and numerous other Social Media Platforms... (Remember we talked about the phone app where tourists are enticed to post holiday pictures via the app, so that we can in-bed the link in their photos and their friends can see the pictures in Social Media?)


The purpose of this is to help push the ranking of the website to the top pages... Although we will within years compete with the top players, money will always be required to purchase Google Ad Keywords.

We mentioned in the Introduction page that if we intend just to use a website, without Back Link plans etcetera, that we should need up to 45% of the booking fees just to purchase enough key-words so that we can be on the first page when people search accommodation.


To manage the Key-word structure is actually a complexed process.


The following image will give readers some inside.


Specialized team

Readers will note on the image above that Google refers to CPC (Cost per click) and other options where companies pay CPV (Cost per view). Cost per view is simply that Google will deduct money if your website was positioned on the landing page (anywhere) without the internet user actually opening the website.


The Cost per Click is more expensive and should be managed by a professional team. Readers will also note that Google refer to "max CPC", "actual CPC" , "manual bidding" and "automatic bidding".

The process in short is that Google ask different rates for different key words. The cost for keywords in demand is much higher than for key words not often used. “Accommodation” for example will cost a company more money than “Aids”.



You also need to pay fees for words like “Paarl”, or “South Africa”.


The Google software is programmed to earn money for Google. Google understand that there are thousands of companies globally who will need the key word “Accommodation”. They can therefore ask higher prices for the specific key word. The price for the specific "Key word” changes constantly depending on the demand for the “Key word”.


We need to point out that it is of the utmost importance to be on the top of the website when people search a keyword.... Especially is you want internet traffic on your website.


The Homecare team will employ specialists in this field to ensure that accommodation companies in South Africa (Strategic Accommodation Partners) and the others who join later will be able to receive guests.


The team we employ will work 24 hours per day. The reason for this is that they need to position the website under the top 3 sites so that when foreigners abroad search for accommodation in South Africa, that they will find the page under the top 3 positions. The monitoring is done on an hourly basis, and should be done during the night as well. (It is day time on the other side of the world when internet users search accommodation in South Africa)


Why is successful in this field?


Readers might think that is expensive... and they are. But if you need to consider that a large portion of the Booking fees eventually ends up at Google or the other search engines, you will have a better perspective of what is going on. spend huge amounts, most likely millions, on internet positioning. They receive income globally and can therefore afford to employ specialists who can sit behind computers and tender for positioning on the internet.


On this point, we also need to publish the following:

We want to point out that most companies starting up their support services will implement an action plan where they will buy key words to support their marketing teams.


Lets say I am the CEO of DEF I will then manage my marketing team and back them with “key word structures”. Most companies relies on upfront payments to join their companies. They will ask registration fees.


Management know that business owners in the accommodation industry do not have time on hand to Google or visit their website on a regular basis. So, If I need my team to sell contracts in for example Umhlanga, I will spend money on “Keywords” that will position our website under the top sites when people search “Accommodation in Umhlanga”.


DEF will then rely on the fact that most managers in the hospitality industry are not IT people. They will when they see the booking site believe it will bring in business. So they will pay the registration fees.


DEF actually know that the costs to maintain that specific area could be high... This will make more sense when you read the “Social Media” section.


When my team target Sandton, my budget towards “keywords” move to Sandton. This marketing process will eventually help my company to secure a large client base.... It will help if our company do not commit that we will only invoice for comission on successful bookings....


Business owners in the Accommodation industry should actually stand up and ask the marketing company to reveal a detailed report on how they spend money to secure business from internet users... They sell themselves as internet client support anyway, so why not revealing their strategy to ensure success?


Such a request towards might not be responded on, as they are partially arrogant in the way they support South African based companies...


Our commitment


We inform "Key Partners" about all the challenges so that they understand how difficult it will be to implement a business plan where we only expect payment on successful bookings.


We will spend large amounts on internet marketing, and this will include some of the other top search engines. (You cannot only rely on Google to source business from abroad)


We implement a unique strategy that other companies will struggle to follow. This will only be possible out of the position that we approach this project...


First, the “Google key word budget account” (We use Google as description but the fund will be used to cover costs amongst numerous search engines) will receive funding out of the accommodation industry plus funding out of other businesses in South Africa.... Remember, this is a project... not a booking site. We implement a strategy to help restore our economy... hence it is beneficial to fast-food businesses, restaurants, property companies, the list is endless, when we encourage foreigners to visit our country.


More than 25% of the income we generate out of the Accommodation industry will go into this marketing budget... (1% of the 4% of our "Key Partners" plus 2% of the 5% of normal companies joining in later.)


  • The accommodation industry will contribute + R15,6 million per month towards this fund. (This is if we succeed that 45% of South Africans and 10% of foreigners use the platform)

  • We should be able to add another R15 million out of the "Bucket List Fund".

  • Businesses in the small bushiness sector who will use the Enjoy Life app for media support will also contribute  + R15 million per month.

The Homecare Board will, if we need to, allocate additional funds out of he Bucket List software towards the “Google key word budget account”. We will monitor the growth of the booking platform.

A budget of + R45,6 million per month is not money that we can waste.... and it must be used efficiently.

What we intend to do is to implement two teams... and these teams are like stock brokers. They earn income based on success!

The one team, who are backed with Social media, phone app technology etcetera will do their best to save the + R45 million per month..... The other team, will do their best to spend the + R45 million!

Both teams get funded out of the success of accommodation bookings via platform.

Both teams will receive detailed reports on how many South Africans and how many foreigners per country opened the website. They can then implement strategies to source additional visits and if we for example want to increase website visits out of Italy, we can then approach other Social media platforms in Italy and ask these groups permission to post an ad about the Homecare Foundation and our services in their Social Media platforms. The website will then receive internet traffic without spending diluting the “Google key word budget account”

The next page “Social Media” will explain this strategy in detail. This business plan enables us to provide clients to our "Key Partners" at 4% and to the rest at 5% booking fees.

We also explain our Google Add strategy on the "Launch" page.

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