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Accommodation Companies



The Launch of such an important project is also being well-planned.


It is astonishing to know how accommodation booking sites try to support accommodation companies without planning a proper launch...


Again, this is a project that is important to numerous corporates in our country.


We will for example just before we prepare for the launch engage companies such as Business Partners, Shoprite Group, Spar, Pick n Pay, Woolworths and numerous other companies who will benefit once tourism grow to join forces for the launch.

Business Partners for example is funded by the Rupert family. They invest money into start-up companies who are all influenced by the economy. The food suppliers depend on a strong economy to sell groceries to South Africans.


We will not launch our Google Ad Key word campaigns before we are ready... this will also only start after our National media campaigns on TV, radio etcetera has been completed.


The month before we start radio campaigns will be a busy month for the + 745 estate agents and their management teams. They will with short video clips prepared by the National Media Ambassadors visit the remaining accommodation companies in your area. (We will provide them a list of "Key Partners" already on-board and the companies who contacted us during the Pre-Launch who already wait so that we can support them, to help them save time. They will only visit companies who do not know about us)


Less information, but important information about how internet penetration will be managed to help every company get access to clients at lower costs, will be discussed. They will be informed that the public will after launch also be involved in inviting companies. Registration will be free.


When we launch, a large percentage, except the Airbnb people offering rooms from home, will be in place.


The media campaigns will then start, and the nation in total will be reached via Social Media, radio, tv etcetera.


We will already have funding that we negotiate from the larger corporate companies in the two major funds (Bucket List Fund plus the Google key word budget account).


Our "Key Partners" will be involved in the process when we launch.


When we launch, we decided to open the Bucket List competition where people can use the Enjoy Life app to play the numbers on their phones with a R500 000 prize. One person in South Africa will have a year to plan and save additional money to fulfill the most expensive bucket list item.

This competition will be launched into social media. We will within months reach at least 80% of the South African Facebook users. South Africa has more than 16 million Facebook users and 14 million of these users use their phones to access Facebook.

The way we use social media and software combined with the Bucket List software will increase the business for our "Key Partners".

Targeting people in specific suburbs

It will be possible for us if we target for example the suburb Lynwood in Pretoria as an area where we want to reach residents for this important project. Residents in Lynwood might use accommodation more often than for example residents in Daspoort.

We have multiple strategies which include the involvement of estate agents, financial advisors, other business owners and churches who can reach residents who perhaps missed our national media campaigns and our social media campaigns.

There is one function that we include in the www, website which other accommodation booking companies do not provide… This is the function where the public can search for a specific accommodation company they would like to book.

The reason for this function is to support our media strategy. We will ask South Africans to please support the different software platforms we launch in order to help restore our economy. South Africans are fed up about our poor Police force, about the economy we live in.

Once they know that they can support a Non-Profit Organization who manage software that can restore our economy through increasing tourism, they will do their part to help contribute.


We will ask South Africans to encourage the accommodation companies they currently use to register on the platform. We will explain that when South Africans book via the technology, that the Homecare Foundation is supported and that funds are generated to pay for the support structure that look after the safety of foreigners.  We need South Africans to rather book through technology that is owned by a Non-Profit Organization who use funds for important projects.


If they cannot find the company they are looking for, the person will be able to notify us so that we can send an invitation to the business owners of the specific company.


The result will be that the booking site will eventually support the same number of accommodation companies who use Airbnb,, Lekkeslaap and all the other platforms combined.


It is therefore important for readers to consider this invitation to become a “Key Partner”. All the Accommodation Companies in South Africa will eventually all use this support service and our “Key Partner” must always be presented to South Africans, even if these people visited the website to search for the accommodation company they generally use.

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