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Accommodation Companies





The software platform we develop must be thoroughly tested before we can release it to the public.


This will require that we do dummy runs in a “life” environment and monitor all the results we expect.


Our first objective is to invite "Key Partners" to support us for the next 8 to 12 months. We invite strategically to ensure that the companies in partnership do receive a benefit above the rest of the accommodation companies in the same geographical area.

This project is executed almost with military precision. We need to involve numerous companies across South Africa to help our "Key Partners" secure more business.


We invite property companies strategically positioned to help implement the software project. You will find a list of principals published on the Business Partners Webpage. We will also notify our accommodation companies in partnership who we involved within the property industry in their areas. It is a time-consuming process to find suitable principals who we believe will represent the Homecare Foundation best.

We also need to get all the media videos in place, so that when we are ready to launch, that the media campaigns can back our launch strategy. There will also be numerous talk shows on TV and on radio where our Media Ambassadors will help us broadcats a message that we are ready to support companies in the tourism industry.

war strategy_3.jpg

We must soon do bookings into the different companies to test the financial systems, to test the reward systems and to test the donations towards caretakers when people donate via the booking system.


Our plan is to ask companies involved to book a room for R5. Every company will be asked to book into 10 companies. Business owners will randomly choose where they want to book accommodation, and we will ask the business owners to work through all the processes. We need users to cancel bookings before paying deposit, cancel after paying deposit, and simulate scenarios where you booked and stayed at the company, thereafter, reward a specific staff member with additional groceries for great service as if you had met the staff member.


The development, plus the testing of such an advanced system could take up to 12 months. Our team will work as hard as possible to reduce the development period.


We will keep our “Key Partners” updated via newsletters on a monthly, and later weekly basis.

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