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The strength of Social media, “word of mouth” marketing, National media ambassadors will now start to make more sense when reading this section.


It will also be clear why we maid the statement that Personal relationships with older clients will be under threat and why it will be possible to our "Key Partners" to provide accommodation to guests of opposition companies.


Again, this is a “Project” and not just a booking site. The way we will use Social Media will change the Accommodation Industry significantly.


It will start with the video clips our National Media Ambassadors will help us to distribute through Facebook, WhatsApp etcetera, where we will explain to South Africans that we need the country to help us source business from abroad. We will explain that we have + R30 million available for the month and that we will appreciate it if they book accommodation to please open the website directly from e-mails they might receive, or from their WhatsApp postings, or from Facebook links etcetera. We will ask South Africans to please refrain from opening the website via a Google search. We will explain that the money allocated to “Key words” is earmarked to target foreigners and not South Africans. (We can add another R15 million out of the accommodation industry and we need South Africans to support the platform so that businesses in the industry can also help to grow tourism.

When South Africans click, the team loose money to target foreigners. We all need the foreigners to systematically help restore our economy.

We will explain that there is a dedicated team who work around the clock to use the + R30 million just to ensure that when foreigners search accommodation in Africa, or South Africa, that the website will be listed amongst the top 3 and if possible, right on top.

We will explain to South Africans that it is important to help our accommodation companies who specialize in hosting foreigners to receive guests at lower costs. We will explain that foreigners do not have the Enjoy Life app on their phones, and that we work towards ensuring that they install the Enjoy South Africa app if possible while they are still in their countries, to help with transport arrangements.

We will explain that when South Africans use their Enjoy Life apps, to book accommodation or if they use the website directly without using Google Search, that we will reward them better.

We will first explain that all the accommodation companies on our platform contribute up to 2 percent of their fees just to erect a “Google key word budget account” earmarked to source business from abroad. That all the companies, even these who do not cater for foreigners united behind us to restore our economy out of the Private Sector...

When South Africans for example book accommodation via the Enjoy Life app, they will receive additional “Gifts” after the completion of their stay.

Remember the Bucket List section? Where South Africans who booked via receive a point for every R1 spend on accommodation?

When South Africans use the Enjoy Life app to book accommodation, we will send them a gift on behalf of the Accommodation company where we will provide them a “Voucher number”. This voucher will enable the app user to select one of the six wheels he wants to win and reduce the numbers on that wheel to 3 numbers. The other 5 wheels will still have 59 numbers and the wheel must stop on a specific number. When you have wheels in your selection where only one of three numbers must be selected, your chances of winning the “Bucket List Competition” increase dramatically.

The FOCUS of this project is to encourage South Africans to Enjoy Life... to plan Bucket Lists, to focus on the POSITIVE.

Our media (Social media, e-mail campaigns etcetera) will be totally different from what for example DEF can do.

If DEF use e-mail campaigns for example to encourage South Africans to revisit their website, they will use events such as it is Easter Weekend soon, book your holiday trip etcetera. They sometimes will send out e-mails with specials negotiated in certain regions of the country... specials in the Karoo etcetera.

Our media will also include such campaigns, but media that we will manage which NONE of the other companies will be able to do is media that is relevant to our project...

We will for example thank a person for booking via the platform and we will for example update the person on how many families (caretakers) in a 10km radius from his home received financial support from the Homecare Foundation.

We will communicate how much funds we sourced that is available for a specific month earmarked to target foreigners abroad. We will inform people on how many foreigners booked into South Africa and how many received phone app support with private security services... Everything we do to help restore our economy will be explained in short to South Africans. This project will be important to all the South Africans.

The team that focus on preventing that the “Google key word budget account” is diluted via unnecessary clicks by South Africans will find it easy to accomplish their tasks. It is the nature of this project that will assist them. This will then make it easier for the team that use this fund to source business from abroad.

Another important thing to remember about Social media is that we position the website on images that foreigners post on their personal networks. This is totally different from just having your own Facebook page. Our strategy to reward tour guides when clients post images on Social Media via the Enjoy South Africa app will contribute hugely to cost savings regarding the “Google key word budget account”

Furthermore, it is important to know that South Africans will use the Enjoy Life app to help fund friends or family in Frail Care. (A portion of their coffee commission is shared with the caretaker linked the person’s phone).

It is astonishing to know just how many times people post messages on Facebook when a family member or friend become seriously ill.

Our software we develop enables us to search for postings in Social media and we then send South Africans communication that if they perhaps need financial assistance, that they should visit the Homecare website to register. They are encouraged to download the Enjoy Life app and link the caretaker to their profiles.

We explain to people that when they book accommodation via the Enjoy Life app, that we can contribute a percentage out of the 1% admin fee specifically towards the caretaker linked to the phone user’s profile.

We are now almost at the end of our website.... We hope that we were able to convey an important message... If it wasn’t for our ability to develop "Other Technology", we would not even have attempted to compete against Accommodation Booking sites!

If it was not for the fact that up to 80% of accommodation in South Africa is used by South Africans, we would not have attempted to compete against Accommodation Booking sites globally!


Our knowledge about IT, Media and the Cause which we work towards, give us a fighting chance.

DEF will never be able to convince National Media Ambassadors to back them with strategies to source accommodation business. These people back the Homecare Foundation to restore our economy, and to assist people in need!

DEF will never be able to employ up to 1 000 estate agents to push “Word of Mouth” marketing on their behalf.... The technology we developed to help these people, plus the reason why they help us enable us to one day dominate in this area.

Our "Key Partners" will in our view make the best decision ever if they accept our invitation.

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