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Child protection services


The Homecare team worked on the software development during the Zuma era. Our strategy has always been to develop technology that can raise funds out of our own economy to support frail care patients.

We also intend to visit global relieve funds abroad to raise funds after we are in a position to show the world exactly how devastated our circumstances are in this regard.

We develop the best management system that can track spending. Caretakers will not be able to purchase alcohol, cigarettes etc. (Part of the reason why we develop gift card modules, so that we can track exactly what was purchased in retail stores)

We knew that we will need people in suburbs across South Africa to visit patients at their homes. These people must use phone apps and after visiting the patient, instruct the software via their phones so that funds can be released towards caretakers.

We specifically approached Non-Governmental organizations. We were concerned that if Global relief funds noticed that our Government is involved, that we might not succeed in our fund raising attempt.

In our first meeting with Child Protection Services (Child Welfare Stellenbosch), God showed us that we need to develop additional software so that we can help fund the Non-Governmental organizations.

These child protection service organizations were mostly founded by churches. The problem is that the Government only contribute 70% of the social worker’s salaries. All the other costs (admin, offices etc) must be funded out of Fund Raising by the organizations themselves.

The Government also have their own Child Protection Services department which they fully fund. They pay their Social Workers such high salaries and their Social Workers do far less than 30% of the cases in South Africa. It is also not a fair system…

We believe that protecting children is important. God required from Christians to look after the elderly and the vulnerable.

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