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Aura as Business partner


The Homecare team work on most likely the most important aspect when it comes to personal security.


Our project plan to restore growth in tourism require from us to address the risks tourists have when they visit our country.


Our poor media about our Police and the fact that tourists are murdered in South Africa  will be addressed in the near future.

Lucia van Wyk attended the video shoots at Aura in Johannesburg.

One of God’s plans was to set-up a network where armed response units in the private sector can be used to support guests to our country.


When Warren Myers and his team started their software development, it wasn’t with the intention to support foreigners. He told Pieter in a meeting that He believes God required them to develop technology to reduce crime in South Africa… which we also believe is possible.


The fact is, none of the armed response companies in South Africa truly has the ability to protect foreigners via cell phone technology.


It was only Homecare’s challenge to secure enough income so that Homecare can look after bedridden patients, hence develop technology for the tourism industry, which leaded towards solutions that will help protect foreigners.


The video shoots in JHB was attended by guesthouse owners as well.

The challenge is that none of the guesthouse owners can ask a foreigner to download for example the CASI app or the Project Help app. (Please click on the links to view the NEGATIVE media on websites. These companies must advertise fear so that they can entice South Africans to pay for protection)



We cannot acknowledge openly in the tourism industry that South Africans are concerned about safety. If guesthouse owners or anybody in the tourism industry ask a foreigner to please download an app that link up with private security companies, we actually will create a negative effect in tourism. (We then point out the fact that our Police force is not reliable and when guests return to their countries they will share this information there. We also cannot portray a message that we personally are afraid to live in South Africa)

Enjoy South Africa app


The only way to get a foreigner’s phone number or his/her phone linked to armed response software that work with private security companies is to develop our own “Trip Advisor” software for South Africa.

None of the Global booking companies (, Airbnb etc) will change their software or will develop software specifically aimed to help South Africa compete better against other tourism countries for business. They earn more money out of tourism in other countries. 


So what we need, is the Enjoy South Africa phone app, where foreigners will receive specials offered by restaurants, fast food businesses and where tourism related information is shared with them while on holiday. (Information pertaining to the geographical area they visit.) On the Enjoy South Africa app, we will push a video clip where we welcome the person into South Africa. The “Ambassador” representing South Africa for that month will just explain that there is a support service linked to the app. (The app will also push a video where a person speaking the foreigner's home language will welcome the tourist, and will repeat the message originally communicated in English) 


If the guest need any information about the area they visit, they can click on a button. We set-up software where tour guides speaking different languages will work online with foreigners. The person will then receive support in his/her own home language.  This is to provide better tourism support. The person will also explain that there is a button that can be pressed for any other assistance, medical, security etcetera.


The Homecare team need approximately 2 000 “Ambassadors” positioned across South Africa to help manage such a project. The Homecare team first developed software to assist property companies so that we can built an army to help the Homecare project. (More detail on the “Ambassador” Page)

We mentioned earlier in the website that God is even in control of the project to identify the best armed response support team.  Pieter first approached Casi and had meetings with Jaco de Villiers (MD) for a potential partnership.


During the first meetings, Pieter explained that the Homecare team intend to help South Africans with armed response via the Enjoy South Africa app as well. (We have the ability to bring detail of foreigners into the system, but we will in future also work with millions of South Africans due to services we provide in the Enjoy South Africa app)


Our view from the beginning was that Armed response is a necessity South Africans need. It is not our fault that the Police force is going downwards. So we believe that support out of the private security sector should be provided at low costs, or at no cost at all.

Casi is currently asking a phone user R35 per month which in our view is expensive. Project Help ask South Africans R59 per month. If a parent wants to ensure that all the children and partner have protection, the monthly costs could be high.


We then negotiated with Casi a bulk figure where we committed that we will pay R10 per South African. We include communication so that readers can view mails from Casi. (Mail from Jaco where he notified us that he still need approval from his board and Letter he send us which would have been used in the project)


We couldn’t understand why Casi was staling the process. At that stage, we were not aware that Aura is another option. It took us 2 months to get into contact with Aura. And we eventually understood why God prevented us to go into partnership with Casi.


We were shocked to know that we can bring the costs down to R3 per app. (Attached is a price list from Aura)


Our initial business plan was to collect R10 per phone via media costs. We develop a “battery” on the app. Our software will for example send a push notification to the phone where we inform the app user that if he/she purchase milk from Pick n Pay, and swipe his/her Smart Shopper card, that we can collect R0,40 to recharge the battery. If you for example drink a coffee at a specific coffee shop, R2 will recharged your battery. (The app user will not pay for personal protection via private security companies)


When we started our communication with Lucia, our initial plan was to offer R2,50 per phone to help fund CVO Schools, and when we increase the app usage, to systematically reduce our app contribution on higher volumes.


Our objective has always been to provide support services to South Africans, without asking them to make personal contributions.


There is also information that the Homecare team keep secret. Not even Aura is at the moment fully aware on what we develop.


We will now reveal information to readers, which we know they will protect. Our shareholders are caretakers of bedridden patients, and it might include CVO parents and personnel. We do not want to share the following information with anybody, not before we complete our inter-phase development. (We ask readers to please keep the information we share confidential.)

The Corona virus will in future have a negative impact on crime. The need for personal armed response (Mobile armed response) will increase.


The Homecare team also looked at what other services we can include to ensure that we will have the highest number of downloads with regards to the App.


We investigated the option to use the same app, not to protect the individual person alone, but also to protect the vehicle the person is driving… Something nobody thought about before, not even Aura.

What we are working on is also pushing the boundaries regarding software development.


The Enjoy South Africa app will now be released in phases. (We do this to secure funding for the school in a shorter period)


The Aura platform only interact with Armed Vehicles. They provide the “Back end”, meaning their technology act on instructions front end apps send to them. They have the ability to direct more than one armed response vehicle to a point on a map where a person is need of armed response services. (Lucia attended an illustration, and it is also explained in their video on the top of the page)


We believe that it is possible to use their back end, combined with ordinary South Africans to help reduce the crime specifically around vehicle Hi-jacking.

We develop a platform where phone users can take multiple photos per vehicle, and save these photos into their app. (An App user might have 3 or 4 vehicles he/she often drives.)


The idea is to develop a function into the app where the phone user can use the app as a Log book for tax purposes. The phone user can when he/she start their journey, indicate if the trip is a business or personal trip. The software will then log the distances and maps for tax purposes.


The next function is to keep a button open on the app, where the vehicle driven can be protected. If a person see that the vehicle will be hi-jacked, the phone user can click the vehicle button.

​The software will then immediately send pictures of the vehicle via the Aura Back-end software to all the armed response vehicles in a 10 km radius.

The software will also share these photos with other drivers on the roads within a 10 km radius, asking phone users to please press a button if they spot the vehicle on the road. The public will help point the hi-jacked vehicle so that Private Armed Response companies can corner the vehicle.


There are technical challenges which we already investigated. (This information will later be shared with shareholders)


We know that we have the ability to get South Africans, Insurance companies and Financial institutions who provide vehicle finance involved. The need to reduce violent crime will increase and this will help us to secure additional funding for CVO schools.


Our business plan now is to increase the amount we want to generate per app to R15 per month. (Most South Africans will pay R15 per month for personal and vehicle protection. Although it is a low cost, we believe that it is important to help phone users so that they do not need to pay any personal fees towards such important services. If we can implement an action plan where these services are provided Free, then we will ensure that we will have the largest phone app download in South Africa.)

The user will have multiple options to choose from so that the App will provide services without donating any personal funds:


Option 1 (Use support from larger corporate companies to fund costs)

We intend to divide the R15 into small blocks, and still use battery module. The insurance companies might contribute R7,50 per vehicle if the phone user request their support. Vehicle finance companies will more likely donate R7,50 per vehicle on their books. Chances that clients of them will cancel short-term insurance policies will increase due to economic pressure. The financial institutions will lose more money of the vehicle is hi-jacked.


Option 2 (Use media costs that we generate out of Retail and smaller businesses to fund costs)

Our plan to use media funds that smaller companies will provide to lure clients. Our software will for example send a push notification to the phone where we inform the app user that if he/she purchase milk from Pick n Pay, and swipe his/her Smart Shopper card, that we can collect R0,40 to recharge the battery. If you for example drink a coffee at a specific coffee shop, R2 will recharged your battery.

Option 3 (Use the ExtraGrocery software platform and pay for your personal groceries via a Gift-Card)

The option that might be selected most will be the option where South African citizens are asked to purchase their own groceries via a Gift-Card. Our media campaigns will explain to South Africans that we need their support to restore growth in our economy. We need a large number of South Africans to protect themselves via the Enjoy South Africa App.


The larger amount of South Africans on the platform, the easier it will be to protect foreigners and to implement and manage software specifically developed to grow tourism. Our country needs to win the war against other countries with regards to growing tourism.

The Gift-Card will symbolize more than just giving a loved one money. The Gift-Card symbolize that although you buy one for your personal use, you give South Africa the opportunity to outsmart other countries.


A phone user only need to load R1 500 in a 3-month cycle onto a Gift-Card of his/her choice. The phone user does not lose any money. They only purchase personal groceries by paying with it via the Gift-Card. The R1 500 will recharge the Enjoy South Africa App battery for 3 months and by doing so, the phone user will also make a small contribution towards supporting bedridden patients.



Our ability to develop additional software that all support each other, puts us in a unique space. We know that it is important to provide South Africans solutions before we approach them. A combination of different options the phone user can select, will ensure the largest phone app download in South Africa.

We will after completion of development set-up a meeting with Jarette Petzer (I’m Staying social media platform). We can reach more than

1 141 063 South Africans who identified themselves as people who will do their best to help South Africa.

When we show them what software we develop, and how we will increase tourism, a large number of these South Africans will install the app.

Link to their Facebook page


Our target is to get 500 000 phone users within a short period, so that we can allocate R10 per app towards CVO. This will bring in the first

R5 million per month that will release the financial constraints. We honestly believe that more than 95% of the #ImStaying supporters will implement software if they understand how they can protect themselves, their vehicles and how their support will restore growth in our economy...

The Homecare team must manage business plans that will enable us to raise R10,5 million per month so that we can reward our "Pre-Launch' Supporters who will include CVO friends, parents and teachers. We believe that the Security section alone will enable us to complete our commitment. 

R10,5 million per month is a small amount in context of the entire project. We work on technology that will secure R124 million per month towards our Social projects, and the software will also enable us to invest R112 million per month into different projects, all aimed to restore growth in tourism.


In theory, we need 1 million and 50 thousand phone users on our Security section of the phone app to fulfill our commitment towards "Shareholders" / participants in Pre-Launch phase. If 95% of the  #ImStaying supporters re-act on media, we will already exceed the amount of phone users required to raise more than R10,5 million per month. (The #ImStaying supporters is growing rapidly)

On the next page, we will explain our tourism plan. We can also use the app and provide personal armed response as a service to staff in the Hospitality industry. There are more than 640 000 employees in the Hospitality industry. The cost of their apps can be sponsored out of retail spending. (Gift card module).

We know that business owners in the restaurant, fast-food and hospitality industry will support the platform. They will not personally pay for Security support towards their staff. It is the Retail industry who will pay for the Security support of staff. A large number of their staff work long hours, even late at night. They travel with cash (tips etcettera) and are often at personal risk.  


Most of the staff in the Hospitality industry do not own vehicles. It is for personal protection and personal protection of their families that we can provide services, and increase phone app downloads.

Readers will now have a better understanding why we invite people into the "Pre-Launch" phase. We develop two important platforms that will be released before the platform. The Security section on the Enjoy South Africa app and the Xtragroceries Software must be thoroughly tested before we can launch it commercially. 


500 000 users (Thus R5 million per month) will already make a huge difference for people in the CVO structure. The software we develop can be implemented in a short period, and within months we can reach our target of R10,5 million per month.

We know that God needed the Homecare team to wait with our technology until Aura was more established. It took Warren and his team years to develop their software and to establish a support network in the Private security industry.


The group is currently expanding the support network. Readers can monitor this map It explain which towns/ cities are covered and what the estimated response time is per area..


What is expected from "Shareholders"?


The Homecare team do not want to approach #ImStaying supporters before the software we developed went through the Beta Test phase.


We first want to complete development, and do simulations across South Africa, where our “Shareholders” will test the software before the commercial launch.


Our plan is to run for example 12 simulations simultaneously.  One shareholder per area will click on his/her phone that his/her vehicle is now being Hi-jacked. The software will then share photos of his/her vehicle with apps of shareholders and additional people we invite later. A number of shareholders will during this period be asked to ensure that they are in their vehicles, but outside the 10km radius. (They must later confirm that we didn’t notified them with photos about the “stolen vehicle”)


There must be a group inside the 10km radius, who are not in their vehicles (In offices etc,) and another group who are in their vehicles. Only the shareholders in vehicles, on the road in a 10km radius, must receive the “Stress call” and be on the lookout for the stolen vehicle.


The person simulating that his/her vehicle is stolen, must then switch of his/her phone, to simulate a scenario where the criminals switched off the phone, or the vehicle owner was able to grab his/her phone. (There will now be no tracking of the vehicle, and we now rely on “spotters” to see if they can recognize the vehicle on the road). “Spotters” (other phone app users) will then guide the Armed Response Vehicles to certain areas in the area where these people will have a better chance to view and stop the vehicle.


This Beta Test will be planned in advance. We will engage the property teams, the shareholders and other friends who will be invited just before Beta Test. The date and time slot will be forwarded to all the role players in advance.


We also want to do video shoots about the process before we approach #ImStaying supporters. Videos is the best platform to share a message with millions. (Nobody has time on hand to read websites)


We will also ask all our shareholders and other role players to post, share these videos in Social Media. There is still a large number of South Africans who did not registered themselves on the #ImStaying social media platform. We will within days after releasing these videos in Social Media have more than the minimum target supporters on the Phone app.


We also believe that most App users will choose the option to buy groceries via a Gift Card once in a 3-month cycle. This will be the most convenient way to ensure that your armed response services are covered. You will later read more detail about the XtraGroceries Software platform we develop. We use “Pre-Launch” software during the next 4 months to support CVO schools. This Pre-Launch software will work with approximately 7 000 Gift-Cards within 3 Retail groups. (Parent might choose to support all the retail stores simultaneously)


We need to prepare software that might need to support up to 4 million South Africans with personal Armed Response services. (This include wage earners who also might need personal security support). The 4 million might want to support more than one retail store. We actually need specialized software that will manage millions of gift-cards linked to cell phone numbers. (If every phone user opts to link 3 cards of different retail groups, we already have to support 12 million Gift-Cards.)

South Africa in 2018 already had more than 16 million Facebook users and 14 million of these users use their phones to access Facebook.

The objective of Aura is to by 2025 become the crime int-elegance centre of South Africa where crime prevention can be managed. (Listen to their video on top of the page). The only way to achieve this is to find a way where the service to previously dis-advantaged South Africans can be provided without them paying for it. It is only the Homecare Foundation's technology where we will be able to collect payment for such services from retail stores that will eventually help them reach their goal. We will not be surprised if the project in future support the entire 14 million South Africans who use Socal Media platforms on their phones.  


The Pre-Launch software will never enable us to manage such a large number of cards across all the retail stores. We need the + 7 000 Gift-cards in our Beta Testing phase, to prepare the software we develop for large numbers. The benefits and everything related to Gift-Cards is explained on the Registration Page.

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